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Subramaniam mobbed by hysterical supporter
samy vellu

Samy Vellu: Vote wisely

samy vellu
samy vellu
k p samy
K P Samy: End Endorsement Bernama News (T), NTV 7 Eng
samy vellu
samy vellu
mic elections
mic elections 2
mic nomination
Sothinathan (Video)
samy vellu

Palanivel, Subra Confident Of Victory

Aug 22 (Bernama) -- "I am in this battle and I do not regard blessings from any individual as important. What is important is the support from the people, If there is support, it means we can face the challenge and this is relevant to the current political situation," said the incumbent vice-president. (....more)

Polls: Samy Vellu To Announce Full List Thursday

Aug 18 (Bernama) -- "He used to name just 23 candidates for the CWC but this time around it could be 23 plus six. This is to give more options to the delegates. There will be more names in the official list this time around," said the source, who declined to be named. (.....more)

MIC may ban eleventh-hour campaigning 2009/08/05, NST

MIC Nomination On Aug 22, Election On Sept 12 Aug 5 (Bernama)

Samy Vellu calls former protege Sothinathan a traitor

BaradanKuppusamy, -- “I have done so much for him, I treated him like my own child. See what he is doing now,” Samy

Vellu said of Sothinathan at a close door gathering of Federal Territory MIC delegates at the Dragon Chinese restaurant in Kampung Pandan yesterday. (....more)



Samy Vellu Endorses Palanivel To Defend MIC Deputy Presidency

July 15 (Bernama) -- MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said on Wednesday he has endorsed incumbent deputy president Datuk G. Palanivel to defend the party's No. 2 post at the MIC elections on Sept 12. Speaking to Bernama in a telephone interview, Samy Vellu also said that he had endorsed Human Resource Minister and MIC secretary general Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam, Deputy Federal Territories Minister and MIC information chief Datuk M. Saravanan and Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk S. K. Devamany for the three posts of vice-president.

Palanivel Grateful Over Samy's Endorsement

July 15 (Bernama) -- "I am indeed, grateful to the president for endorsing me for the post. I have always believed that in being a deputy, you have to abide by whatever decision taken by the president. (......more)

MIC Battle 2009
Deputy President
subramaniam palanivel sothinathan
547 votes
629 votes
280 votes
DP for 25 years with zero achievement

Incumbent DP hides behind the despotic President

Accomplice to Maika RM 61.5 million worth (20 years ago) of Telecoms shares hijacking

Vice President
dr subramanaim
S. K. Devamany
Dr. Subramaniam
S. K. Devamany
1260 votes 1122 votes 1030 votes 220 votes
thigarajan     Clan titans' clash throws spanner in main contest NST, 2009/09/09
VKK Thiagarajan P Mariyayee S Balakrishnan
215 votes
61 votes
471 votes

Businessman pulls out of MIC veep race

2009/08/25, NST - "I am going for the lesser post as the race for the three vice-presidencies will see party heavyweights contesting against each other. he said. (....more)

Youth Chief
Mohan Thangarasu

kumar amman

Mohan Thangarasu
S.P. Muthuvelloo
Kumar Amman
Winner (321 votes)
Loser (178 votes)
Supermom Chitrakala’s business partner
Women Chief
komala krishnamoorthi
Komala Krishnamoorthy
S. Thangeswary
Winner ( votes)
Puteri Chief
Deputy Puteri Chief
shaila Nair

Is Shaila Nair prepared to take the heat? Will MIC disciplinary Committee haul her for the sex video scandal like what MCA did to Dr. Chua Soi Lek?

Usha Nandhini
Shaila Nair

Samy Vellu’s daughter-in-law's hanky-panky victory.

CWC Votes
K Parthipan 1073
M Asogan 1066
V S Mohan 1037
Ragumoorthi 1027
C Murugesan 982
M Devendran 970
A Saktivelu 963
Randir Singh 902
Jaspal Singh 864
R Appalanaidu 853
R Ganesan 830
S Ananthan 799
M Munusamy 792
S P Manivasagam 789
V M Panjamoorthy 740
A Ganesan 710
P K Suppaiya 675
S Ganesan (Kedah) 667
K P Samy 655
S S Rajagopal 647
N Ravichanthiran 629
Palaniapan 622
Mathu Marimuthu 589
G Jayakumar 585
Vasan 585
Rajoo 558
D Rajagopal 530
S Selvaraja 527
R Anbalagan 509
Vimala Nair 491
Senthamil Segar 490
K Thangavelu 479
S Paramasivam 478
V Saravanan 473
R ragavan 465
Kajang Ranee 423
Seran Nadarajan 418
N Subramaniam 415
R Ananthan 411
A Govindaraj 404
K Rajapathi 403
S Ganesan (Pahang) 401
R Rajendran 381
S Batumalai 287
S Ganapathi 279
K Pasil 249
Muthupalaniappan 231
A Saiman 230
D Ramanayagam 214
R Krishnan 196
P Thangavellu 191
Ananthan Ramalingam 190
N P Thangavelu 189
N Supramaniam 173
R Rajendran 173
Vengadesvaroa 159
Rengasamy 148
Vasanthakumaran 142
S Rajendran 136
R S Moorthi 111
R Rajasingam 110
R Subramanaim 100
K Gopalakrishnan 92
Shaila Nair & Vell Paari
Picture by Jack Ooi

MIC’s most powerful man Vell Paari with her celebrity wife Shaila Nair

Vel Paari’s wife turns heads at MIC assembly

By Baradan Kuppusamy,, Sep 13 2009 -- Dressed in a red saree, Shaila, who saw some controversy in 2007 after a sex video clip allegedly depicting her appeared on the Internet, sat quietly with Paari among delegates near the entrance to the hall. (.....more)

MIC Leaders Need To Close Ranks - Najib

Sept 12 (Bernama) -- Asked to comment whether the result reflected the support for MIC president Datuk Seri Samy Vellu, Najib said: "The result was expected because of the nature of the MIC delegates." Asked whether the result would cause a split among the MIC members, Najib said that the losers must accept the decision. (......more) Video: Subramaniam mobbed by hysterical supporters

Nothing but lies, says MIC chief

The Malay Mail, Tuesday, September 8th, 2009 -- “If Govindaraj had stolen 30 votes, it would have amounted to a total of 1,110 votes cast, which was not the case,” said Samy Vellu, adding that Subramaniam had endorsed Govindaraj’s lie in suggesting that he (Subramaniam) knew of Govindaraj’s misdeed during the 1977 election. (....more)

Samy Vellu's Action Unprofessional, Says Subramaniam

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 23 (Bernama) -- Former MIC deputy president Datuk S.Subramaniam Sunday described as unprofessional and childish party president Datuk Seri S.Samy Vellu's move to campaign for one of the three candidates running for the deputy presidency at the party polls on Sept 12. (.....more)
tamil osai

Clan affair at MIC Youth, Puteri polls

NST, Aug 09 2009 -- When nominations closed yesterday, MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu, the returning officer, announced that incumbent Puteri head Senator J. Usha Nandhini and V. Shaila Nair had won the post of Puteri chief and deputy chief uncontested. Shaila, a popular singer, is married to Samy Vellu's son S. Vell Paari. (.....more)

For MIC, a no-holds-barred campaign for party’s future

By Baradan Kuppusamy, -- Thiagarajan was openly using his money, influence and nationwide network to drum up support for Subramaniam, party insiders said, adding this was the reason why he was attacked by Paari in the Tamil Nesan. “He is a credible person because he financially supports numerous charities, Tamil schools and Tamil organisations,” said Klang businessman and MIC branch chairman K.P. Samy. (....more)

Probe Sabotage Allegations Against Samy Vellu, Says Saravanan

Aug 6 (Bernama) --Thiagarajan was quoted as saying on Tuesday that he had the assistance of a BN component party leader to oust Samy Vellu from Sungai Siput at the general election to ensure that the MIC president did not retain the position of works minister. (.....more)

tamil nesan


Candidates Want More Transparency In MIC Election Process

Sept 7 (Bernama) -- "The counting process is the pinnacle of the entire election process...a high degree of transparency and openess needs to be upheld during the process," he said. (.....more)

Dark secret revealed

7th, 2009 The Malay Mail -- Relating the incident, Govindaraj said: “I was wearing a batik shirt and was in front of the table with the bundle of votes of 10 each. “When the scrutineers’ attention was focused on a commotion I took three stacks of 10 votes each meant for Subra and put them in my pocket. I knew those votes were for Subra. (....more)

S. Subramaniam's own list of 23 candidates

NST, 2009/09/05 -- K.P. Samy, a Subramaniam loyalist, said it was now a do or die battle. "This is the first time we are seeing two full official line-ups. We are ready to take over the party."We are serious. Subramaniam has to prove that he is ready to take over the party and this is why he has come up with his own official line-up." (.....more)

Subra hopes to ride ‘winds of change’, Sep 06 2009 -- “I am not just fighting two opponents for the deputy president’s post… there is a third candidate and that’s Samy Vellu,” he said. “I am fighting Samy and his candidate (Datuk G. Palanivel) and another (Datuk S. Sothinathan).”(....more)

Fight fair, CWC candidate tells Samy Vellu

The Star, Sep 06 2009 -- “The president’s team have more resources and funds to meet the delegates in large areas whereas we are forced to go door-to-door. Give us an equal opportunity to talk to the delegates,” he said at a press conference attended by several other candidates on Sunday. (Video: Bernama News (T), NTV 7 English

Samy rides on Najib as Subra gains momentum

By Baradan Kuppusamy, Sept 1 2009,, – Subramaniam’s team received a boost today after Datuk K. Tangavellu, a key leader in the Mukulathor caste association, whose members are associated with Samy Vellu, declared his support for the former deputy president. (.....more)

Bala abhors caste politics in MIC contest

2009/08/27, NST, By Suganthi Suparmaniam -- He said he had not initiated the "Nammavar" slogan for the Sept 12 party polls where members of certain castes were pulling together to win positions in the party.

"There are many friends and supporters whom I had helped before who are behind me now. I have helped and supported many people in my life and they are supporting me now. (.....more)

‘Suppressed’ group out to beat Samy Vellu’s line-up, By Baradan Kuppusamy, Aug 27 2009 -- “The contest is really between us the Nammavar and them, the Avargal,” he said, referring to Samy Vellu and the better-off people gathered around him who dominate MIC politics and enjoy the largesse allocated to the Indian community. (.....more)

MIC Youth rap Malay Mail

August 26th, 2009 The Malay Mail -- MALAY Mail may have unfortunately given an impression that it was maligning the Indian community
when it made a specific reference to a caste in our graphics accompanying its Page 3 report “MIC battles caste politics” on Aug 24.

We acknowledge that we could have calibrated that word in the graphics differently, and apologise to those aggrieved by our miscue. (.....more)

Nammavar (our people) caste factor in MIC elections

The Traveler, Sunday, August 16, 2009

Once again caste is showing its ugly face in the MIC elections. The Pallar and Parayar, so called low caste people,  in MIC have set up a joint group in the party called ‘Nammavar’ (literally means ‘our people’) to be a force in the coming MIC elections, according to reliable sources. (....more)

MIC battles caste politics

August 24th, 2009 The Malay Mail -- "Campaigning for the top posts at the party polls is centred on caste and money politics. Caste politics is despicable but everyone is involved," said a contestant for the vice-presidency. (....more)

NST Live session with Datuk S. Subramaniam

 Aug 19 2009 -- I do not believe in the caste system. All Indians are created equal. My political base has always been built upon my service and my relationship with all Indians which has no caste affiliations. But, it cannot be denied that there are caste organisations in the country. Sometimes, they are for cultural, social and educational objectives. Some politicians try to use them for their political agenda. If it suits them, they don't complain. If it is not going their way, they will shout "Caste Politics". (....more)

Samy Vellu opts for yes-men By Baradan Kuppusamy

Caste politics set to decide party polls

Suganthi Suparmaniam, NST, Jul 05 2009 -- The most powerful caste in the party is the mukkalathur (Samy Vellu), gounder (Sothinathan and Subramaniam), muthaliar (Palanivel), with lesser representation by the chettiar and nadar. (.....more)

Pick Performance-based Leaders, MIC Delegates Told

July 18 (Bernama) -- "The MIC has existed for more than 63 years and only leaders who can bring reforms and renewal can keep the party relevant," he said when opening the 63rd Pahang MIC delegates convention at Genting Awana Resort here Saturday. (.....more)

Muthu Veloo to contest for MIC youth chief post

The Star, Jul 18 2009 -- “We have to come to a point where a change is inevitable and the changes have to be made to adapt to the need and aspirations of the community,” he told reporters at his office here Saturday. (....more)

Vell Paari said to be in deal with Palanivel

NST, 2009/07/13 -- "Vell Paari knows if the other two candidates win, it will be the end of his political career. They will definitely not want him around," he added. (....more)

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