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Institutional Racism and Religious freedom in Malaysia

Malaysia Constitution
Samy Vellu's attack dogs 7 (Highlights)


MIC Elections 2009
Kampung Buah Pala Issue (The High Chaparral)
Member of Parliament
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Malaysian Indian Minority and Human Rights Violations Annual Report 2008

Teaching Maths & Science in English?


‘Tiram Sasi’: Another slain gang leader with ties to MIC?

theantdaily, 12/09/14 -- Thirty-three year old Sasitharen Manicam, or better known as “Tiram Sasi”, who led the state’s “04” gang, was shot dead while sitting in his parked Honda City in front of a three-storey building in Taman Desa Cemerlang in Johor Baru on Tuesday night.

The late Sasi also headed the Johor wing of New Affirmative Action Movement (NAAM) – a MIC friendly NGO.

If you can’t beat them, charge them

The Economist, 5/9/14 -- Yet Malaysia’s sedition law is almost comically broad. It defines seditious statements as any that “excite[s] disaffection…against any Government” or “against the administration of justice in Malaysia” or “promote[s] feelings of ill will and hostility between different races or classes of the population in Malaysia”. 

Mahathir’s Case Against Najib Detailed

by John Berthelsen, Asia Sentinel, 21/08/14 -- The demands listed in the letter included one that Najib reform the controversial 1MDB sovereign fund, which is deeply in debt after having funded a long string of controversial projects. It is said to be a major scandal sizzling out of sight and involving controversial Chinese playboy Taek Jho Low and Najib’s wife, Rosmah Mansor.

Former Malaysian PM Mahathir Turns on Najib

by John Berthelsen, Asia Sentinel, 19/08/14 -- Najib is due to return to Malaysia on Aug. 22 for a day of national remembrance for the victims.  However, he has delayed requests to have the bodies of the victims sent back so that they can arrive when he does, according to well-placed source in Kuala Lumpur.  That has reportedly infuriated Mahathir.

Malaysian Prime Minister’s Mystery Holiday

Asia Sentinel, 13/08/14 -- “He has never flown on either MAS or AsiaAir in seven years,” a political observer in KL said. “Mahathir did, Abdullah Badawi did. But Najib has never once flown on either one.”

Requests by email, telephone and text the prime minister’s personal aide and press secretary, Azlin Alias, asking for the prime minister’s holiday itinerary also went unanswered.

Malaysian Opposition Crisis Boils Over

Road Rage


Najib Waffles Over MH17 Disaster

Asia Sentinel, 22/07/2014 -- In fact, Malaysia’s involvement in behind-the-scenes bargaining with the rebels was very much second fiddle to the Dutch, who not only suffered the most deaths in the crash but were also better equipped to examine the evidence. Yet the Dutch showed no signs of letting their desire to negotiate the return of bodies get in the way of strong backing for European Union sanctions against Russia, predicated on the belief by all the EU members that Russia was ultimately responsible via its surrogates in eastern Ukraine, and perhaps more directly.

Harsh Islamic Law Loses Momentum in Malaysia

Asia Sentinel, July 11, 2014 -- Mahathir has been perhaps the strongest voice opposing any such law, ironically despite the fact that he has been a moving force behind the strident Malay nationalists who have been calling for its passage. It has once again shone a spotlight on Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, who has once again backed away from taking a strong stance.

The tragedy of the Arabs

Jul 5th 2014, The Economist -- Why Arab countries have so miserably failed to create democracy, happiness or (aside from the windfall of oil) wealth for their 350m people is one of the great questions of our time. What makes Arab society susceptible to vile regimes and fanatics bent on destroying them (and their perceived allies in the West)? No one suggests that the Arabs as a people lack talent or suffer from some pathological antipathy to democracy. But for the Arabs to wake from their nightmare, and for the world to feel safe, a great deal needs to change.

Indonesia’s Prabowo Shows his Hand

Asia Sentinel, 01/07/14 -- The country only emerged into a true – if sometimes raucous – democracy a little over 15 years ago with the fall of Prabowo’s former father-in-law, the strongman Suharto, who had run the country for 31 years before his fall from power in 1998. Suharto’s family accrued corruption on a scale experienced almost nowhere else in the world. The family was accused of amassing a fortune estimated by Transparency International to be between US$15 billion and US$35 billion through KKN, the Indonesian acronym for corruption, collusion and nepotism.

Heaven can wait, but not JAIS or JAIPP

S.Ramakrishnan,16/6/2014 -- A strange phenomenon is being played out suddenly at weddings and funerals of late. Islamic religious authorities seem to be adamant on snatching dead bodies during funerals while grieving spouses and close relatives beg and appeal that deceased was not a Muslim when alive.


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