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Subra saddened by daily's suspension
RK Anand and Bede Hong
Aug 27, 07 Malaysiakini
Former MIC deputy president S Subramaniam today expressed sadness over the one-month suspension of Tamil daily, Makkal Osai. (......more)

“This suspension has less to do with the offensive picture, and is in fact an act to punish Makkal Osai for revealing all the fraud, mismanagement and lies concerning both Maika Holdings and Sujatha (death)” - Anwar Ibrahim, former deputy prime minister.

Don't Play With Religion, Says Abdullah
Aug 23, 2007 (Bernama) The prime minister said that publishing a picture of Jesus Christ would only invite problems although this time it involved the sanctity of Christianity. (....more)

Makkal Osai’s Vidiyal
By: Traveler, Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Tamil readers who have been following the Sujatha suicide case and the Maika Holding scandals in Makkal Osai daily for the last one month may be deeply disappointed today as the paper cease to hit the street owing to the suspension of the printing license by the high-handed Malaysian government that disregards freedom of speech.

But don’t worry; there is a Vidiyal, tomorrow. Yes, Makkal Osai management is using Vidiyal, a by-weekly tabloid, to publish their news for this Sunday. (......more)

"When two newspapers published a caricature of Prophet Muhammad wearing a bomb-shaped turban early last year, the government took immediate action banning the two newspapers. It was a right decision. Now we have this and they too should be served the same punishment as a lesson to others," Bishop Julious Paul

Makkal Osai Suspended for 30 Days
8/24/2007 4:28 PM,  imol exlusive breaking News:

With immediate effect Tamil daily Makkal Osai has been suspended for 30 days by the Malaysian Government for publishing an image of Jesus Christ holding a cigarette.

MCCBCHS Calls For Probe And Action Against Tamil Daily By S. Retna, PUTRAJAYA, Aug 22 (Bernama)

"The Christian issue has been blown up by the MIC,"

"The graphic artist, whom we have already suspended, didn't see the cigarette. It was a mistake."
- S.M. Periasamy, general manager, Makkal Osai

"we regret this incident where Jesus Christ, who has gone through so much of pain for mankind and left valuable messages for all of us, was featured in such a manner,” - Editor Rajan


Makkal Osai Suspended For One Month

Aug 24, 2007 (Bernama) "Makkal Osai has contravened a permit condition under sub-section 6(1) of the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984," the ministry said in a statement issued here today. (....more)


Anger at Malaysia 'Jesus cartoon'

By Jonathan Kent
BBC News, Thursday, 23 August 2007

A Malaysian newspaper is facing calls to shut down after it published an image of Jesus holding a cigarette and what appeared to be a can of beer. (....more)

Calls for laws to protect religious and national symbols: Tamil daily suspended
By : Ranjeetha Pakiam and Jennifer Gomez , The New Straits Times 2007/08/25



21/08/2007 edition that landed the paper in trouble. The cigarette in Jesus one hand could be seen only when the image is magnified and not even clear in the print edition.

Critics slam Malaysia ban over 'Smoking Jesus' Times of India 25 Aug 2007
"Ban Makkal Osai", Samy Vellu's Tamil Nesan

Makkal Osai in deep trouble for publishing Jesus Christ caricature
Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Makkal Osai, the Tamil daily owned by former MIC deputy president S. Subramaniam, is in the receiving end for publishing a skewed image of Jesus Christ. The daily has been very critical of Samy Vellu since Subra’s defeat last year in the MIC deputy presidency. The recent Sujatha’s suicide case provided further ammunition for the daily to whack Samy and his son Vellpaari by highlighting the case in the front page everyday for weeks.

Now the table has been turned. Certainly, Samy Vellu is going to capitalize on this. Already, several calls have been made for the daily to be banned and MIC has quickly jumped into the wagon too.


No Vidiyal for Makkal Osai
Saturday, September 08, 2007

Vidiyal, by-weekly tabloid owned by Saraswathy Kandasamy,  has been issued a show cause letter by Malaysian authorities for publishing Makkal Osai’s logo prominently in the front page and also for changing the tabloid form to a broad sheet paper, according to our sources.

Makkal Osai daily, which is under one month suspension till 24/10/07, was using Vidiyal and Nayanam alternatively to carry their news in the interim. But, a few days ago, MIC youth has made a police report on Vidiyal, accusing it of violating publishing license. Seems authorities are very efficient, nowadays, and acted fast.

Meanwhile, Makkal Osai management decided to stop their activities as of now to avoid anymore problem for their sister publication and hoping for PM Badawi to consider their appeal. Also, they are raising fund to pay their 100 over staffs who are still reporting to work. Strangely, Subramaniam, former deputy minister for nearly 24 years, doesn’t have RM 150,000 in his pocket but to collect fund to pay his staff.

Makkal Murasu hits the street
Sunday, September 09, 2007

Makkal Murasu, a new Tamil paper printed by Makkal Osai management hits the street today. No further details available yet.

Makkal Murasu 09/09/07

Makkal Osai back on its feet
Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Makkal Osai Tamil daily is back on its feet after one month suspension imposed by Malaysian authorities for publishing smoking Jesus caricature that the daily subsequently apologized and accepted by Christian community leaders. The appeal to reduce the suspension was also rejected.

Makkal Osai

Former MIC deputy president S. Subramaniam owns the daily through nominees. The daily was harping on Maika Holding scandal and actress Sujatha suicide issues lately linking Samy Vellu’s son Vell Paari who had a long romantic relationship with her. Vell paari, married to popular singer Sheila Nair, is the CEO of Maika Holdings.

Again, the same two issues took major coverage in the daily, today.

Tamil daily’s publishing permit expired
Sunday, December 02, 2007

Tamil Osai
Tamil Osai 02/12/07

Tamil daily Makkal Osai’s publishing permit has expired on 30/10/07 and to date has not been renewed by Malaysian authorities. It’s unclear how the daily could continue to publish without the license. The daily, owned by former MIC deputy S. Subramaniam, has been very critical of Samy Vellu and lately took a low profile on several issues that it used to pursue vehemently.

"If the Christians get to know about it, it will create problems. I remind them again to stop doing this." PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
"this caricature of the picture of Jesus, holding a cigarette in one hand and apparently a beer can in the other hand is a desecration and therefore hurtful to the religious sentiments of Catholics". - Archbishop Murphy Pakiam
The suspension "will only create a very chilling effect on free expression and is not conducive to creating a vibrant media space," Lim Kit Siang, DAP
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