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Crowned herself as Punnagai Poo, her Tamil movie Arinthum Ariyaamalum was released today. It is interesting to see a young women venturing in the movie production field where other fellow Malaysians in the past failed.

Being a DJ at THR.FM Raaga, she irritates the tamil loving listners with her colloquial tamil mixed with english and her frequent uttering of OK..OK. - THR laaga ... laaga... 20/05/05


Real or Dummy Producer ?

Malaysia’s first women Tamil producer Guinness record was given to Geetha today, reports Malaysia Nanban. Apparently, she has produced three movies last year. Two of them: Kundakka Mandakka and Pattiyal.

Keviyas,  who handed over the certificate praised her success and called her a role model for other Malaysian Tamil Malaysians. Indeed, she will be a role model, like Vanaja, if she is a real producer.

Shopa, actor Vijay’s mother, has also produced several movies but she revealed in a recent interview that her director husband merely used her name and nothing else. Is that so in the case of Ok. Ok. Ok.ooooook Geetha ?, a commercial ploy??

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