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Institutional Racism and Religious freedom in Malaysia

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MIC Elections 2009
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Malaysian Indian Minority and Human Rights Violations Annual Report 2008

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Could this be the Smoking Gun for Malaysia’s PM?

Asiasentinel, 00/07/15 -- Those emails were passed to Clare Rewcastle Brown, the editor of Sarawak Report, and reportedly to Mahathir. Justo’s arrest and accusations that he had tampered with them to make them more damaging is considered to be part of a move by Najib to discredit Mahathir before he could feed more documents and evidence to the press. Mahathir is believed to have additional evidence of illegal transfers of money out of the country by Rosmah Mansor, Najib’s wife, with the help of Jho Taek Low, the flamboyant young financier who helped Najib set up 1MDB in 2009. najib

He is said to also have additional information about the mysterious death of Altantuya Shaariibuu, the Mongolian translator and party girl who was shot to death by two of Najib’s bodyguards in 2006. The murder remains one of the most sensational in recent Malaysian history.

Malaysia’s PM Extends Feud to Mahathir’s Son

Asiasentinel, 02/07/15 -- Last August, after two years of growing behind-the-scenes impatience, Mahathir first announced on his blog, Che Det, that he was “withdrawing support” from the prime minister. His attacks have grown steadily more vitriolic as the months have worn on. Najib has returned the fire with increasing intensity, seeking to tie Mahathir to what he claims was a rigged attempt to discredit his 1Malaysia Development Bhd. state investment fund by a Swiss businessman and Clare Rewcastle Brown, a UK-based journalist who blogs at Sarawak Report. Brown has fired back with a libel demand against a research firm that claimed documents she printed had been doctored.

Indian community deserves better

The New Straits Times, July 01 2015 -- It appears that all these ego-inflated MIC leaders are selfishly guarding their positions and its associated goodies at the expense of the Indian community. If the warring MIC factions were sincere in wanting to serve the community, they should have reached a compromise by now. The MIC crisis has put the Indian community into disrespect. The weakening of MIC’s position in BN has been taken advantage of by certain individuals and groups to humiliate the Indian community indirectly. If MIC had been strong and committed to serving the community, I don’t think the “drink your own urine” remark would have been made.

MIC struggle is all about who gets what

FMT, June 28 2015 -- Leadership conflicts in the MIC have nothing to do with the progress or development of the Malaysian Indian community, but about leaders having access to power, prestige and wealth.

It is a figment of imagination that the defeat of forces aligned to Palanivel will ensure a “new era” for the community, as suggested by Subramaniam.

Subramaniam is completely dependent on Samy Vellu. For all intents and purposes, it is the latter calling the shots.

On the other hand, Palanivel has promised to retrieve back all the properties in the form of land and buildings “hijacked” by Samy Vellu and his cronies in the past. Will he able to do it? What about his long association with Samy Vellu as his trusted lieutenant?

Kaaval Movie Review

, TNN, Jun 26, 2015 -- The problem with Kaaval is that it offers nothing new in terms of story and presentation. Almost every development feels been there done that. The story of an encounter specialist is something that Gautham Menon did with much finesse in Kaakha Kaakha, and this film hardly adds anything to it. Interestingly, the director ropes in Gautham to provide the voice-over in the opening scenes. The villain is the generic gangster that we often see in our films and so, he hardly comes across as a formidable foe. Then, there is the heroine character, who simply exists because there needs to be a love interest for the hero.


Malaysia Human Rights Practices for 2014

June 26, 2015 -- Three constitutional articles provide the basis for an independent judiciary; however, other constitutional provisions, legislation restricting judicial review, and additional factors limited judicial independence and strengthened executive influence over the judiciary.
Members of the bar, NGO representatives, and other observers expressed serious concern about significant limitations on judicial independence, citing a number of high-profile instances of arbitrary verdicts, selective prosecution, and preferential treatment of some litigants and lawyers.
On March 7, the Court of Appeal overturned the 2012 acquittal of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim on politically motivated charges of having engaged in consensual sodomy in 2008. The entire procedure was unusually speedy, with the verdict delivered just before the nomination day for a by-election Anwar was slated to contest, thereby disqualifying him

Whistleblower on Malaysia’s 1MDB Arrested in Thailand

Asia Sentinel, June 24 2015 -- According to the PetroSaudi release, Justo left the company four years ago. The oil exploration firm paid him Bt140 million [US$4.1 million] when he left, according to Thai Police Colonel Akaradech Pimonsri, acting commander of Thailand’s Crime Suppression Division, after he was found to have “behaved against the company’s rules and regulations.”

That in itself is a strange statement. If he had behaved contrary to the company’s operations, it seems likely in most companies that he could have been fired outright without any compensation.

Malaysia’s PM Najib: Immovable Object

Asia Sentinel, June 23 2015 -- Shahrizat reportedly said Najib was wrecking the party and looting the country. She also criticized Najib’s wife, Rosmah Mansor, for her extravagance, the source told Asia Sentinel. The meeting, which included the party’s three vice presidents and other top members, appeared to have agreed with Shahrizat, the source said. Muhyiddin has been aligned with former Premier Mahathir Mohamad on a months-long, off-again, on-again campaign to push Najib out of office.

Corrupt overseas buyers ramp up property price, burn locals

The Age, June 23 2015 -- Fairfax Media can reveal that a group of super-rich Malaysian officials, spending their own government's investment funds, have bid up the price of a Melbourne apartment block from $17.8 million to $22.5 million. The extra $4.75 million was then laundered out of Australia and allegedly paid as bribes in Malaysia.

Palanivel, Subramaniam To Woo MIC Branch Chairmen At PWTC This Weekend

June 19 (Bernama) -- The second-leg battle for the MIC presidency will begin when party president Datuk Seri G. Palanivel and his deputy, Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam meet MIC branch chairmen tomorrow and Sunday, respectively.

Power Struggle in Malaysia Pits Former Premier Against a Protégé

New York Times, 17/06/15 -- “The prime minister is focused on political survival when the country’s economy is slowing due to low oil prices and falling exports resulting from China’s economic slowdown,” he said. The combination, he said, is “giving pause to the foreign investors Malaysia is seeking to court.”

The sour economy has also thrown into relief what Mr. Mahathir and others describe as the Najib family’s jet-setting lifestyle of shopping trips in world capitals and the buying of expensive real estate in the United States.




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Malaysian Ex-Prime Minister Unleashes Criticism

New York Times, 17/06/15 -- I had always supported Najib. I was in a way instrumental in his becoming prime minister. [But] the apparent disappearance of huge sums of money. This is not good. He has never been able to explain how the money was spent. He wants to leave his own legacy. But what he does is verging on criminal. He’s going to lose in the next election.

Major Realignment Possible in Malaysian

Asia Sentinel, June 12 2015 -- Mahathir himself is willing to wait until UMNO’s annual general meeting late this year to vote out Najib and install Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin as prime minister. Muhyiddin is hardly acceptable to Nazir’s moderates. He is a Malay nationalist himself and, at age 67, has amassed a fortune of suspicious size. His son, Fakri, is also involved in many business deals, including a RM4.1 billion contract supplying 4G computers and Internet study to rural schools. 

The Washington Post and Mt Kinabalu’s ‘Naked Blogger’

Asia Sentinel, June 12 2015 -- I decided to do some trolling. I went on Google Images and found the images of the real summit streakers and tagged a couple of friends in it and sat back. 12 hours later, nearly half a million people had seen that post” and he received numerous hate responses. “My face has been plastered all over the various news outlets in Canada and the States.”

Malaysia PM Stumbles to New Crisis

Asia Sentinel, June 11 2015 -- “My reading is that he definitely is hard pressed to do a reshuffle to inject some kind of credibility into what is obviously a fatigued entity,” said an opposition figure in Kuala Lumpur. “It’s really very explosive. Whichever way he goes, if he kicks anybody out, is trouble. At the same time, he is suffering from a severe trust deficit. Any move of his, whichever action he takes, is no longer going to generate excitement.”

The bulk of the money to support these propaganda agencies comes from Najib’s 1MDB Foundation, from which more than RM1 billion was siphoned off, purportedly for charity work, a well-placed source told Asia Sentinel.

Court Dismisses MIC Leaders' Judicial Applications Against RoS

Bernama, 15/06/2015 -- he High Court today dismissed two judicial review applications by MIC president Datuk Seri G. Palanivel and four others, challenging the Registrar of Societies (RoS)' fresh election directive.

Unity Bid to Drive Malaysia’s PM Najib from Power?

Asia Sentinel, June 12 2015 -- In recent years, as a seemingly never-ending series of scandals has engulfed UMNO, Razaleigh, a Kelantan prince and wealthy Anglophile, has made speeches calling for reform. In July 2010, he said: “Billions have been looted from this country, and billions more are being siphoned out as our entire political structure crumbles. Yet we are gathered here in comfort, in a country that still seems to ‘work.’” He called attention to a “political class unwilling or unable to address the central issue of the day because they have grown fat and comfortable with a system built on lies and theft.”

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