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iMOL Archives: Health

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Iranians make a hit in Malaysia
Wednesday, February 16 @ 07:31:23 CST by sound (3271 reads)
HealthAnonymous writes "
Asia Times Online, By Matthew C DuPee

Late last month, Malaysian counter-narcotics police dismantled a 15-person drug smuggling gang in the Klang Valley and seized a drug processing laboratory and 78.7 kilograms of syabu, a local term for crystal methamphetamine.

Malaysian state news reported that all 15 drug traffickers were Iranian nationals, including two women, raising the overall number of Iranian drug traffickers arrested in Malaysia last month alone to 32. Malaysian authorities believe all 32 Iranian traffickers

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Plan to Use ‘Killer’ Mosquitoes vs Dengue Draws Fire
Friday, September 17 @ 11:32:36 CDT by sound (1447 reads)
HealthAnonymous writes "
By Baradan Kuppusamy

KUALA LUMPUR, Sep 17, 2010 (IPS) - Genetically modified ‘terminator’ mosquitoes are the latest weapons that the Malaysian government wants to use against the deadly dengue fever, but activists and environmentalists say the public health risks of introducing a new ‘artificial’ strain of mosquito are far too high.

The government has discussed plans to release in December male ‘terminator’ mosquitoes with ‘killer’ genes that would lead to a reduction in the population of the Aedes mosquito, which carries and transmits the dengue virus to humans.

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Asia's Consumers Come Alive
Sunday, August 22 @ 11:02:13 CDT by sound (1406 reads)
HealthAnonymous writes "
Asia Sentinel, Written by John Berthelsen    Thursday, 19 August 2010 A new Asian Development Bank report exhaustively details the rise of the middle class

A decade after its emergence was forecast by investment bankers and economists, Asia's middle class is finally starting to make itself felt, according to a new report by the Asian Development Bank, and appears increasingly likely to assume the traditional role of the United States and Europe as primary global consumers who will help to rebalance the global economy.

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Free anti-H1N1 vaccinations
Tuesday, May 04 @ 08:07:21 CDT by sound (1567 reads)
HealthAnonymous writes "
Senarai Fasiliti Kerajaan Terpilih Untuk Pelaksanaan Pemberian Vaksin H1N1 

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Eggs are good for the heart
Thursday, March 18 @ 11:16:40 CDT by sound (1667 reads)
HealthAnonymous writes "
The Times of India, Mar 18 2010

Eggs (Getty Images)
Eggs are not bad for heart health, say experts.

US egg expert Dr Don McNamara insists that their bad reputation is no longer warranted and even Heart Foundation has lifted its recommended intake to six eggs a week.

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Aids: Lack of Regulation Blamed for HIV Upsurge among Women
Saturday, December 12 @ 09:58:04 CST by sound (2183 reads)
HealthAnonymous writes "
By Baradan Kuppusamy

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 12 (IPS) - Melinda Teoh, 42, had a life that could easily be the envy of many except that it took an unexpected turn just when she thought she had it all.

Two lovely children, a well-paying, high-profile job, a suburban home in an upscale neighbourhood, expensive cars and just about all the comforts she could ask for.

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600 million lack toilets in India
Saturday, November 21 @ 08:52:41 CST by sound (1628 reads)
HealthAnonymous writes "
(AFP) Nov 21 2009 -- MUMBAI: No one would ever call Radha Jagarya fortunate. The 45-year-old widow and her four children live on the pavement in an upmarket southMumbai suburb, scraping a living by selling flowers to passing motorists.

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7 reasons to drink cocunut water
Sunday, November 08 @ 22:13:38 CST by sound (2438 reads)
HealthAnonymous writes "
The Times of India
Coconut water is known to be more nutritious than whole milk because it has no cholesterol and lesser

Coconut water (Getty Images)

It improves circulation and is known to clean your digestive tract.

Coconut water not only makes your immune system stronger but also helps the body fight different types of viruses.


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Durian Craze Grips South India, Women Believe It Improves Fertility
Wednesday, September 16 @ 11:22:06 CDT by sound (7294 reads)
HealthAnonymous writes "By P. Vijian

CHENNAI, Sept 16 (Bernama) -- The thorny durian, prescribed as an antidote for infertility, may sound wacky.

However, in south India, barren women are queuing to taste these rare fruits, believing it helps women to conceive.

Durian farm owners are busy taking orders, local fruit vendors happily stick posters describing the fruit's potency and the media is abuzz over the thorny fruit.

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Everything you wanted to know about swine flu
Monday, August 10 @ 23:47:31 CDT by sound (1056 reads)
HealthAnonymous writes "
NN 10 August 2009, 05:30am IST
The spread of swine flu is fast emerging as No 1 healthcare emergency not just in the country but the world over. Despite the issue being in the media for a long time, there continue to be ignorance and mis-information about the disease and how to handle it. Indian Medical Association, Nagpur Centre, has come up with a information dossier on the subject. We reproduce it here for the benefit of our readers.

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