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Samy Vellu's son said to be candidate
Wednesday, December 07 @ 21:30:02 CST by sound (2158 reads)
MICAnonymous writes "

MIC LINE-UP: Vell Paari among new faces considered by party
MIC central working committee member M. Madhu Marimuthu being briefed on the heritage room by is said to be closely linked to party president Datuk G. Palanivel

 SEVERAL new faces and some who lost in 2008 are expected to be named as MIC candidates for the next general election.

These newcomers, comprising up-and-coming party leaders, are said to be closely linked to party president Datuk G. Palanivel.


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Palani declines reelection to MIED as trustee
Monday, November 14 @ 08:42:32 CST by sound (1816 reads)
MICAnonymous writes "
The Star, Monday November 14, 2011, By A. LETCHUMANAN

KUALA LUMPUR: MIC president Datuk G. Palanivel has declined his reelection as a trustee in the MIC-owned Maju Institute of Educational Development (MIED), preferring to concentrate on the party and the Indian community affairs. Palanivel, who took over the party presidency last December, had sent a letter indicating that he did not want to be reelected as a trustee to the MIED.

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Sweeping changes to MIC candidates list?
Wednesday, August 31 @ 09:59:44 CDT by sound (1483 reads)
MICAnonymous writes "
B Nantha Kumar, | August 30, 2011, FMT

Party sources reveal that several top guns are expected to be dropped as candidates for the next general election.

KUALA LUMPUR: MIC president G Palanivel is expected to make sweeping changes to the party’s candidates list for the next general election, expected to be called within the next 18 months.

Party sources reveal that the new president, who took the helm of the MIC late last year, will drop several top guns and nominate news faces to fill in the vacant slots.


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MIC Youth Wants Sivarraajh's Suspension Lifted
Thursday, August 18 @ 11:28:07 CDT by sound (1830 reads)
MICAnonymous writes "
KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 18 (Bernama) -- The MIC Youth wants the one-year suspension on youth secretary C. Sivarraajh lifted, describing it as too harsh.

Its chief T. Mohan said he would raise the matter at the upcoming meeting of the party's decision-making body, the Central Committee (CC), on Aug 28.

"I will definitely raise this matter. We want him to be reinstated. The CC has the power to overrule the disciplinary committee's decision," he told Bernama here Thursday.

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Politician's firm in wages probe
Tuesday, August 16 @ 10:28:36 CDT by sound (2942 reads)
MICAnonymous writes "
KIM MACDONALD, The West Australian August 16, 2011

A Perth company owned by a high-profile Malaysian politician is being investigated by the Fair Work Ombudsman for allegedly failing to pay employees at its Bibra Lake workshop.Oka Motor Company director Vell Paari, who is also a member of the powerful central working committee for the Malaysian Indian Congress, conceded yesterday that the company owed workers weeks of outstanding wages.

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FMT Whacks Palanivel, Again
Monday, August 08 @ 10:32:15 CDT by sound (2292 reads)
MICAnonymous writes "stro programmes: ‘Palanivel solicited RM5m’
B Nantha Kumar,  | August 8, 2011, FMT

MIC chief G Palanivel is questioned over his use of a party letterhead to solicit for RM5 million from the Prime Minister's Department on behalf of a private company.

PETALING JAYA: MIC president G Palanivel is accused by a branch chairman of practicising cronyism by soliciting RM5 million funding from the government on behalf of a private company."

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MICís mission is to deliver Indian votes to UMNO and then beg UMNO
Wednesday, August 03 @ 08:44:53 CDT by sound (2209 reads)
MICAnonymous writes "Senator Dr. Ramakrishnan, August 3 2011

The appointment of MIC president as a full minister seems to be a sweetener but what the community needs and wants is treatment and medicine. The MIC president full minister will be surrounded by civil servants from one race who do not know and care about the Indian community. In the recent JPA scholarship issue, despite the prime minister’s offer for more places to other races, the civil servants refused to abide by the prime minister’s decision. Therefore if the prime minister really want to uplift the Indian community he need to appoint more Indians in decision making post in more ministries and not a full minister in prime minister’s office.

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The Ďsilentí oneís AGM
Friday, July 29 @ 10:47:28 CDT by sound (1676 reads)
MICAnonymous writes "
FMT, B Nantha Kumar,  July 29, 2011

G Palanivel will be chairing his first MIC AGM and perhaps the party's last before the next general election.

KUALA LUMPUR: Tomorrow, the curtain will rise on MIC’s 13th general assembly, the first for G Palanivel as president, and perhaps the last for the party before the next general election.


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Palanivel To Strengthen MIC To Face 13th GE
Thursday, July 28 @ 10:02:59 CDT by sound (2402 reads)
MICAnonymous writes "
By S. Chandravathani & Prem Kumar Panjamoorthy

KUALA LUMPUR, July 28 (Bernama) -- To win back the trust of the Indian voters for the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition, the MIC is on an impassioned overdrive to put its heart and soul for the 13th general election.

MIC president Datuk G. Palanivel will steer the party in this direction.

This weekend, the man will deliver his maiden opening speech as party president at its 65th Annual General Meeting (AGM).

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MICís Mugilan accused of swindling temple
Thursday, July 28 @ 09:58:44 CDT by sound (1461 reads)
MICAnonymous writes "
FMT, B Nantha Kumar and G Vinod,  July 28, 2011

A police report says he took, without authorisation, 20% of RM2 million for a crematorium project.

HULU SELANGOR: A local association has accused MIC youth leader V Mugilan of misappropriating funds meant for a crematorium project in Serendah.


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