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iMOL Archives: National: Politics

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After 54 years should Malaysian Indians still keep nambikai (faith) in BN govern
Thursday, January 26 @ 00:35:06 CST by sound (1807 reads)
National: PoliticsAnonymous writes "
Senator S. Ramakrishnan

Each time the PM is hard pressed by some scandal or allegation by PR, some offers are promised for the Indian community. Last week PM Datuk Najib announced that Datuk Palanivel is now the lead minister. Datuk Palanivel the MIC president is already the ministerfor the socio-economic development of the Indian community in the PMO.

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Motion urging government to draft an act on Race Relations
Thursday, December 29 @ 02:09:05 CST by sound (1302 reads)
National: PoliticsAnonymous writes "
Senator S. Ramakrishnan, Dec 29 2011

Ever since I was appointed a senator in Dec 2009, I have been tabling a motion (Usul) in every sitting of Dewan Negara since July 2010 to draft Law on Race Relations. The motion is worded as below.


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Karpal: Up to DAP disciplinary committee to deal with Ramasamy issue
Wednesday, December 28 @ 07:20:30 CST by sound (1765 reads)
National: PoliticsAnonymous writes "

KUALA LUMPUR: DAP chairman Karpal Singh has left it to the party's disciplinary committee to take action in the recent war of words between him and Penang Deputy Chief Minister II Dr P Ramasamy.

Karpal said that he would abide by the gag order imposed by the three-man panel formed to resolve the issue.


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For Malaysian Christians, an Anxious Holiday Season
Monday, December 12 @ 21:55:35 CST by sound (2175 reads)
National: PoliticsAnonymous writes "
New York Times, Dec 12 2011,  LIZ GOOCH

KUALA LUMPUR — Beneath windows framed with forest-green wreaths studded with red and gold baubles, worshipers at St. Mary’s Anglican Cathedral, one of the oldest churches in Malaysia, knelt and clasped their hands in prayer. As part of the Advent service, they celebrated a baptism and sang their way through a series of hymns including “Child in the Manger.”

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Rayer Challenges Ramasamy To Present Evidence
Friday, December 09 @ 09:44:06 CST by sound (1878 reads)
National: PoliticsAnonymous writes "
GEORGE TOWN, Dec 9 (Bernama) -- Seri Delima assemblyman R.S.N. Rayer has challenged Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P. Ramasamy and his personal assistant, M.Satees Kumar to present evidence and name the two Penang assemblymen who had allegedly misused power as claimed in a social website.

Rayer, who is also Penang DAP committee member, said they would be given 24 hours to show proof and explain the allegations.

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Mr Khairy, know what you are talking.
Monday, November 14 @ 20:26:03 CST by sound (2150 reads)
National: PoliticsAnonymous writes "
Senator S. Ramakrishnan, 15/11/11

UMNO youth leader Encik Khairy jamaluddin  says that children are segregated by race with a parallel schooling system and thus proposed a single school system which would provide mother tongue education. Sounds very logical and appealing that we are all Malaysians therefore our children must study in the same school to foster better relationship and understanding. The UMNO representatives think that Tamil and Chinese schools are the root cause for racial disunity in this country.

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Mr. DPM. Please walk the talk.
Monday, November 14 @ 19:55:27 CST by sound (1762 reads)
National: PoliticsAnonymous writes "
9 November 2011, Senator S. Ramakrishnan

The deputy prime Minister and Minister of education Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin declared in Muar that the government has built 600 Tamil schools so far and that every school that was constructed, had the objective of providing the best education to the children to ensure the country's development in future.

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MP gets earful for comments to media
Thursday, November 10 @ 07:38:52 CST by sound (1846 reads)
National: PoliticsAnonymous writes "
NST, Nov 2011

SHAH ALAM: Padang Serai member of parliament N. Gobalakrishan was reprimanded by a judge for commenting in the media on the ongoing Banting murder trial. High Court judge Datuk Akhtar Tahir summoned the politician to court after he had made comments on the trial in Utusan Malaysia and TV3's Buletin Utama in August this year.

The report, specifically in the Bahasa Malaysia daily, titled Manjeet Selalu Memburukkan Kerajaan ("Manjeet always criticises the government").


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Thiruttu karrupan made a senator
Tuesday, November 01 @ 08:23:59 CDT by sound (2410 reads)
National: PoliticsAnonymous writes "
By G. Manimaran, November 01, 2011, FMT

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 1 — Datuk K.S. Nallakaruppan, a former close aide of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, has been appointed a senator by the federal government.

The Malaysian Indian United Party (MIUP) president, known as Anwar’s “tennis partner” at the time the former deputy prime minister was charged with sodomy in 1998, told The Malaysian Insider today that he received his letter of appointment last week.


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Deputy prime minister insults Malaysian Indians
Monday, October 31 @ 04:42:05 CDT by sound (3126 reads)
National: PoliticsAnonymous writes "Senator S. Ramakrishnan, 30/10/2010 

The Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhiddin Yassin during 27/10/2011 Deepavali function in Pagoh said that the BN government has never disappointed the Indian community since independence 54 years ago.  He further added that BN government had succeeded in resolving the various problems faced by the Indian community in this country. Let’s look at the progress made by the Indian community in the past 54 years under the BN rule."

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