Leadership, Unity Take Centrestage At MIC CWC Meeting
Date: Saturday, November 27 @ 22:03:33 CST
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KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 28 (Bernama) -- "Maintain party unity and stability" will be MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu's parting words to the party's powerful Central Working Committee (CWC) members at their meeting on Dec 6.

Samy Vellu, who is expected to hand over the party's leadership to his deputy, Datuk G. Palanivel soon after the CWC meeting, said he would stress on the need for the party to maintain an effective leadership and preserve unity to ensure MIC's survival.

<><>"I want them to maintain a strong working relationship so that the party can function effectively," he said when interviewed by RTM's Minnal FM Tamil radio station here Sunday.

Samy Vellu who had announced that he would chair his last CWC meeting on Dec 6, also said he would urge party members to give their full backing to Palanivel.

The former works minister described Palanivel, his former press secretary, as "a dedicated and pious person."

"He may not be as tough as me in running the party, but he can be tough at times. I believe he can do the job and I want all members to give him their support," he said.

Samy Vellu said unity has to be maintained by all quarters in the party to ensure the MIC continued to represent the Indian community and deliver the Indian votes to the Barisan Nasional in the next general election.

"It is vital that the MIC remains strong, vibrant and effective to continue fighting for the rights of the community. This can only happen if there is an effective leadership, and stability," he said.

Observers said Samy Vellu's remarks could be taken as cautioning party leaders from engaging in power tussle, especially in the run-up to the MIC elections in 2012.

Although Samy Vellu had refused to accept the post of party advisor after handing over the presidency to Palanivel as suggested by certain MIC leaders, it is believed that he would closely monitor the situation.

According to an aide, Samy Vellu would "move in" should there be a power tussle or attempt to destabilise the MIC.

"Samy Vellu would still command the respect and support of a sizeable number of (MIC) branch and divisional chairmen, and in the 2012 party elections, he could still call the shots," the aide said.

Samy Vellu took over the helm of the party in 1979 from the late Tan Sri V. Manickavasagam.

-- BERNAMA Sunday Star, November 28, 2010 Samy: Palani will spearhead MIC
KUALA LUMPUR: MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu, who is stepping down after 31 years in office, says his deputy Datuk G. Palanivel will take over as a full-fledged president without having to be elected. The outgoing president said the party constitution allowed Palanivel to be the president immediately. “The MIC constitution states that in the absence of the president, the deputy will act for the president. Absence means when I go on leave or am away. “But, I am resigning. So he takes over as the full president and not in an acting capacity,’’ he told The Star in a farewell interview at the party headquarters. Samy Vellu, 74, is expected to vacate his post on Dec 6 when he chairs his last Central Working Committee (CWC) meeting. Certain factions in the party are claiming that Palanivel, 61, can only take over in an acting capacity until he is elected. Samy Vellu, who has held the MIC presidency for a record 11 terms, explained that the current scenario in the party differed from back when he took over as acting president in 1979 following the death of Tan Sri V. Manickavasagam. “I took over in an acting capacity because at that time there were no vice-presidents to be made the deputy president. We amended the party constitution only later to have three vice-presidents,” he pointed out. On the party’s No 2 position, Samy Vellu said he had obtained the mandate of the CWC to appoint vice-president Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam, 57, as acting deputy president. “I will put them both in their seats and then leave as I don’t want a tussle after that. Somebody may come and tell him (Palanivel) not to pick Dr Subramaniam as the No 2,” he said, adding that he was aware that there are a lot of troublemakers in the party. Asked what was his greatest disappointment throughout his long te­­nure, Samy Vellu said it was former deputy president Datuk S. Subra­maniam’s “inability to work with me.” “He contested against me twice. Otherwise today, he would have been the president of the MIC,’’ he added. Samy Vellu also confirmed that he would assume new duties as special envoy for infrastructure with ministerial rank to India and several other South Asian countries.

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