Chetty Field toilet twist
Date: Friday, April 24 @ 03:31:56 CDT
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Friday, April 24th, 2009 Malay Mail
Santiago: Work has stopped
IT is the most controversial toilet in Malaysia so far — and it has not even been built yet! The proposed construction of a toilet opposite Chetty Field took another twist yesterday, as the Klang Consumers’ Association added its support for the toilet to be built. Klang Consumers’ Association president A.

Devadass told Malay Mail yesterday that most traders along Little India are calling for the toilet to be completed. “I have spoken to most of the traders around this area and they want the toilet. Shopowners have told me their grouses. They say Little India, while promoted as a tourist spot, does not have a public toilet.” “It is not offending anyone. The toilet is not directly in front of the temple and some irresponsible parties are trying to politicise the issue for their own benefit. ” Recently, the Klang Municipal Council came under fire for planning to build a toilet opposite the Sri Maha Mariamman temple. An unidentified group has started protesting and picketing to stop work on the site, saying it is an insult to the Hindus. Klang Member of Parliament Charles Santiago told Malay Mail that representatives from the mosque, temple and church located nearby did not object the construction of the toilet. “But because of the recent protest by some members of the public, work has been stopped until further notice,” Santiago said. A spokesman for the temple however, denied they were behind the protest and said its members were unaware of the gathering. It was learnt that the group will be gathering again tomorrow to protest, despite a warning from the police.

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