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Silence is not an option when things are ill done - Lord Alfred Dennings
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Keling: 'Keling' stays in Kamus Dewan
Thursday, May 14 @ 10:09:14 CDT by sound (1660 reads)
CommunityAnonymous writes "
By : Irdiani Mohd Salleh
NST, May 14 2009

The word 'keling' in Kamus Dewan is permissible, the High Court ruled today. It accordingly dismissed an appeal by the Selangor and Federal Territory Angkatan Pelopor Islam Muslim (Apim) against the decision made by Senior Assistant Registrar Nik Isfahanie Tasnim Wan Abdul Rahman on Dec 29, 2003 which struck out a civil suit over the use of the word.

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Keling: Of Kelings, Bangalis & Mamas
Sunday, October 30 @ 01:59:35 CDT by sound (2259 reads)
CommunityAnonymous writes "By Narayana Narayana, New

One can only sympathise with playwright Mr. Vadi PVSS that the reaction to his forthcoming play titled "Shanmugam - The Keling Kia Trilogy" has, at this preliminary stage, been hostile -- even though it is confined to a very small section."

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Keling: Racism and the Word
Sunday, October 30 @ 01:56:59 CDT by sound (1997 reads)
CommunityAnonymous writes "by Jane Mun, Editor of 11-August-2003

Recently there has been a lot of brou-ha-ha over the inclusion of the word "keling" in the Kamus Dewan, published by the Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP). The Angkatan Pelopor Indian Muslim Selangor dan Wilayah Perseketuan (Apim) is taking legal action against the DBP for publishing the said word in its latest edition of the Kamus Dewan. The group's main reason for doing so is because the particular word concerned is derogatory to Malaysians of Indian origin. They therefore want the word to be struck off from the dictionary."

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Keling: Kampung Keling: Economic symbiosis in Medan's Chinese-Indian enclave
Sunday, October 30 @ 01:27:22 CDT by sound (4419 reads)
CommunityAnonymous writes "BY: Apriadi Gunawan, The

Medan, North Sumatra, is known for its sharp racial distinctions between native Batak, Chinese, Indian and Malay ethnic groups. Ironically, one of the city's most prominent areas, Kampung Keling, or Little India, has evolved to become an example of racial harmony between the ethnic Chinese and the once predominant Indian community "

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Keling: Some words are not a joke
Sunday, October 30 @ 00:46:36 CDT by sound (1692 reads)
CommunityAnonymous writes "BY JANE RITIKOS Sunday Star October 30, 2005

IN polite terms, it was deja vu. In reality, it was pure racist slur.

It was a case of “oops, he did it again” when Jerai MP Datuk Badruddin Amiruddin referred to the Malaysian Indians as keling last Tuesday.

Records showed that he uttered the derogatory word in the same august house on April 21, 1998. "

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