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Maika Toddy Shop

Contributed by Anonymous on Monday, September 03 @ 21:16:29 CDT

It’s a common racial slur in Malaysia to label Indians of being drunkards especially toddy (fermented coconut sap) drinking that has been a popular butt of jokes among the non-Indian Malaysians. PPP (People Progressive Party), a mosquito party, chief and political clown Kayveas equated the recently concluded Maika AGM to a toddy shop.

Next, you may hear our honorable Kinabatangan MP Datuk Bung Mokhtar Radin and his racist ilks to belittle the entire Indian community in Parliament.

Maika fracas 'shameful, like a meeting in toddy shop"
The New Straits Times, 03/09/07
The fracas which erupted at the recent Maika Holdings Berhad annual general meeting was an embarrassment to all Indians.

In taking those responsible to task, People’s Progressive Party president Datuk M. Kayveas said he was ashamed of the ugly scenes that unfolded at the 24th AGM on Thursday.

"This was supposed to be a business meeting, a corporate meeting with shareholders. Yet, it looked like a meeting at a toddy shop. Is this the impression that you want to give of the Indian community? I felt so embarrassed.

"If indeed there were thugs, this should be thoroughly investigated," Kayveas, who is also a deputy minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, said after opening the Johor PPP convention here yesterday.

Kayveas said he had prevented his father and other relatives from attending the meeting even though they owned shares.

"I told them that I would reimburse them out of my own pocket because I did not want them anywhere near that meeting."

The AGM descended into chaos soon after it began and pictures of the melee at the Sime Darby Convention Centre were splashed in all major newspapers.

Former MIC deputy president Datuk S. Subramaniam lodged a police report on Saturday alleging that the meeting was conducted under oppression and the shareholders were put in a state of fear.

Subramaniam had urged the police to investigate the thugs who prevented many shareholders from raising issues at the meeting.

Meanwhile, Kayveas remained positive that the Barisan Nasional leadership would agree to PPP’s request for more seats in the next general election.

"I am confident of getting a positive answer as this country is about being positive.

"I think time will be on our side. I know that our request is understood by the BN component party leaders but because they face pressure from certain groups, they will not speak up and admit it.

"I also believe that BN chairman and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi understands the request and that he will consider it fairly."

In late July, Kavyeas faced an avalanche of criticism when he requested that the BN return the four parliamentary and 12 state assembly seats the PPP had once held when it joined the coalition in 1972.

Failing this, Kayveas reportedly said, the party would have to consider whether it would remain in the BN.

He also said the PPP wanted its party president to be made a full minister in the cabinet.

Kayveas later backed down and declared that the party would remain in the BN no matter how many seats it was allocated.

Asked whether the party felt that it was being fairly treated in the BN, he said: "Definitely, the overall feeling is that there needs to be more fairness. When I was given one seat in Taiping, they said it was for one term only."

He also reiterated the party’s request for a return of its original seats, which had been gradually taken away and given to other BN component parties to contest.

2007/09/04 The New Straits Times
Maika-bashing goes on
THE storm at the Maika Holdings Berhad annual general meeting on Wednesday continued into parliament yesterday.

M. Kulasegaran (DAP-Ipoh Barat) irked S.K. Devamany (BN-Cameron Highlands) by wanting to know why action had not been taken against Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu for "misleading the community".

He also riled up Youth and Sports Ministry parliamentary secretary S. Vigneswaran by saying the MIC president had not lived up to his promises of promoting Maika as the vehicle to lift Indians out of poverty.

Kulasegaran said the works minister had also not managed to raise the community’s corporate equity from one per cent to 10 per cent as he had promised.

He said that some RM100 million was raised to achieve this, but "time has shown that Maika Holding has been an empty promise, bogged down by irregularities, with an uncertain future".
At this juncture, Devamany demanded to know the relevance of Maika Holdings to the Supplementary Supply Bill 2007 which Kulasegaran was debating.

"You are not brave to stand up for the 106,000 shareholders but want to stand up for one man (Samy Vellu)," Kulasegaran shot back.

He also asked why police had not announced findings on the numerous reports lodged over the years on Maika Holdings annual meetings.



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