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Fracas at Maika shareholders meeting

Contributed by Anonymous on Sunday, September 02 @ 10:09:29 CDT

National: Politics
By : Suganthi Suparmaniam, The New Straits Times
KUALA LUMPUR: The 24th annual general meeting of Maika Holdings Berhad deteriorated into a two-hour shouting match yesterday with little else achieved during proceedings.

A bleeding shareholder being escorted out of the proceedings. — NST picture by S. Sugumaran
There were numerous verbal exchanges between rival groups believed to be representing MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu and his former deputy, Datuk S. Subramaniam.

At one point, Subramaniam was shoved by detractors who wanted him to stop asking questions. There were also near-scuffles and heated arguments between members of the groups as tempers rose.

It is understood that an elderly man was left bleeding after being assaulted during the meeting attended by about 1,500 people.

The meeting only returned to normal after Subramaniam left the Sime Darby Convention centre in Bukit Kiara at 12.30pm following a quick word with company chief executive officer S. Vell Paari.
A large group left with Subramaniam, who was defeated for the number two position in the party by Datuk G. Palanivel, in what is believed to be a proxy battle with Samy Vellu.

Subramaniam later told the New Straits Times that he had tried to speak twice during the meeting, but was prevented from doing so.

"Someone pushed me and told me to sit down. I told him not to touch me."

He said he was unable to discuss any of the five resolutions tabled.

"Nobody could. So I walked out," said Subramaniam, who added that he would lodge a report at the Brickfields police station against those who had manhandled him.

Samy Vellu, when asked about the meeting at another function, said the MIC central working committee had no connection with Maika Holdings.

"That is a company matter. I don’t want to discuss it," he said.

The fiasco began shortly after the meeting was called to order by company chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Manaff at 10am.

As he was making his welcome speech, someone stood up and proposed that Vell Paari chair the meeting.

At this point, things started going downhill with the rival groups exchanging insults.

Federal Territory MIC chief M. Saravanan then took the microphone and asked everyone to sit down, or be forced out of the hall by "security" officers.

An elderly man, who said he had invested RM48,000 in Maika Holdings, was seen hitting his head many times before he was stopped by Saravanan and sent out.

DAP Ipoh Barat MP M. Kulasegaran, who was present, asked why Samy Vellu was not present at the meeting.

He said the MIC chief should have been present to answer questions.

"He has let the community down by not coming here. I will raise this matter in parliament."

For the next two hours, chaos reigned as the rival groups squared off by trying to prevent one another from speaking.

Vell Paari ended the meeting at 1.30pm by announcing that the resolutions had been passed.

Lawyer G. Rajasingam later said it was ludicrous that some shareholders were manhandled and thrown out of the meeting.

"Some men behaved like thugs, dragging people out. This is not at all like a shareholders’ meeting," he said.

R. Rajannan, a representative of Koperasi Nesa Pelbagai Berhad, a company which has 625,000 shares in Maika Holdings, said he was threatened and had curry powder thrown at him.

"I was standing in front of Subramaniam when some men tried to shove him. Suddenly, my eyes were burning and I was pushed hard. My shoes were missing and my spectacles were dented."

Shareholder Dr A. Letchumanan claimed he was pushed, kicked and thrown out of the meeting.
Maika meeting hijacked by thugs, claims SubraBy : V. Shuman , The New Straits Times

Former MIC deputy president Datuk S. Subramaniam (centre) walking out with his supporters after lodging a report at the Brickfields police headquarters yesterday.
KUALA LUMPUR: The fracas at the recent Maika Holdings Berhad annual general meeting is now the subject of a police investigation.

This latest development came about after former MIC deputy president Datuk S. Subramaniam lodged a police report alleging that the meeting was conducted under oppression and that the shareholders were put in a state of fear.

Subramaniam, who is a shareholder of Maika Holdings, claimed several men charged at him and attempted to assault him when he raised issues about the company’s management and investment during the 24th AGM on Thursday.

Subramaniam, 62, was accompanied by 20 of his supporters when he lodged the report at the Brickfields police headquarters yesterday.

"Every time a shareholder raised an issue about the company, a particular group of men who looked like thugs would start hurling abuses.
"If the speaker continued, the thugs would drag him out of the hall," he said. "I saw two men being dragged out of the hall."

Subramaniam said he too was subjected to unruly behaviour. He alleged that he was pushed and had the microphone snatched from him while he was speaking.

He claimed that chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Manaf and the board of directors had absolutely no control over the meeting.

"When I approached the chairman to object, a man pushed me and told me to shut up. He even raised his hand to assault me but was stopped by others."

Subramaniam urged the police to investigate the thugs who prevented many shareholders from raising issues at the meeting.

"The photographs of several of them were published in newspapers. It is easy for police to identify them."

It was reported that the AGM had deteriorated into a two-hour shouting match with near-scuffles and heated arguments between two groups of men.

An elderly man was left bleeding after being assaulted during the meeting attended by about 1,500 people.

The meeting returned to normal after Subramaniam left the hall at 12.30pm, with several hundred shareholders who were not happy with the proceedings.

Samy's son denies Subra's claim of gangsters
31 August, 2007 Daily Express
MAIKA Holdings Chief Executive Officer Vel Paari has denied Subramaniam's claim that he was manhandled at the AGM.

"All Maika Holdings meetings have always been sensational. A small commotion started when someone from the floor threw chili powder at a branch chairman. But to say that he was manhandled is totally wrong.

"He (Subramaniam) went to the stage...and when there were shouts from the floor, he challenged other shareholders to hit him. We were trying to stop people from getting close to him. In fact, we allowed him to ask questions and even escorted him down from the stage to his seat. Is that what he calls manhandling?" he claimed.

Paari, who is Works Minister and MIC President Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu's son, claimed some people had come to the AGM not to discuss business matters but "with a different agenda" and to create a scene.

"Why should we want to manhandle someone and create problems at our own AGM? There was no point in doing that. We wanted everything to proceed smoothly...I personally brought him (Subramaniam) up to the stage," said Paari who was taken aback when asked about Subramaniam's allegation.

According to Paari, Subramaniam was treated cordially at the AGM and had even motioned for him to come down from the stage so that they could talk.

Paari said when he spoke to Subramaniam, the latter wanted to know why the two resolutions filed by him (Subramaniam) were not tabled at the AGM.

"I told him that any resolution should be submitted in writing to the management seven days prior to the AGM. Subramaniam had given us a letter stating his intention only two days before the AGM and this is why we could not accommodate him...I explained and he accepted (the explanation)," he said.

Paari said it was "very unprofessional" for Subramaniam to say that he was manhandled and that there were gangsters at the AGM.



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