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Why must we Plead?

Contributed by Anonymous on Saturday, September 24 @ 12:21:10 CDT

National: Politics
I am just an ordinary Malaysian Indian with ready to vote children, 3 of them, and my plea to them and to all of you is please use your right to vote. This is our birthright , it was given to us when this country accepted us as its citizens, we were born in this country not because we wanted to' but it was decided by our parents who accepted the citizenship given to them to reside here.

So we are bonafide 2nd , 3rd and 4th Generation Malaysians of Indian origin, we have rights and we adhere to the Constitution of Malaysia. Although article 153 protects the rights of bumiputras, we never once question their rights, we were happy with what we have achieved and rightfully slogged to earn, we did not seek  merit for us or our children, we gave our best to educate and bring up our children.

We were the lucky lot, we left the estates by the 2nd Gen, and managed to churn a living away from the estates, but this cannot be said to the majority of our Malaysian Indians brothers who delayed their stay in the estates, due to a roof on their heads , and  a megre but steady income and today they are suffering the consequences. 

The estates were taken over by foreigners mostly Bangladeshis and Indonesian who were willing to work for less, the Indians were forced to leave the estates but at the wrong time, with a bleak future they cuddle to nearby towns and squattered thus started the squatter colony mostly populated by poor Indians in major towns, and eventually they were a problem so said the ruling government.

The MIC who is the ruling government's spokesperson keeps telling the Indians that they are solving the problem, but the bitter battle among them to hijack aids given by the government  go into their own pockets or their cronies, a very good example is the hijack of the millions share scandal of Telekoms Berhad given to Indians and the  pittance returns Maika share scandal( was purchased by majority estate dwellers) which after 30 yrs they received below purchased value (Where in the world a share which is  guaranteed  by the ruling government partner goes below the purchase price after 30yrs of rotation?)

The MIC keeps blaming the Indians for social problems relating to gangsterism or other ills like alcoholism,( luckily Aids and drugs were not our big problem) my question is who made them thus, they were just simple people living on daily needs, they did not fight back or asked for anything from the government , they lived peacefully in the estates.

But in the urban jungle it is a struggle everyday, they lost out on a head start, they were not given the opportunity to pick up move forward, why because the constitution did not protect them at all even though there were provisions for it. They were let down by the ruling government's partner MIC  , I still remember Mahathir's words he said Samy Velu never fought  to help the poor Indians, how true this is only God knows.

Luckily for them God was there in every corner they turned , many struggled hard and have managed to crawl back , and are living dignified lives this can be seen in all major towns, both men and women have landed jobs in factories, and any menial jobs that pay good , with an average earning of at least RM1200 per month.

It is not much but keeps them going, only a very small percentage of these people are still struggling below poverty line, mainly due to lack of understanding.

These people will need genuine NGO's to help them on their feet, there are many NGO's trying to do good for these people, I hope they will not give up on these people (MIC will not help, I repeat MIC will not help) among them was Hindraf although they did not support them financially they created a tremendous awareness of the plight of the Indians not only in Malaysia but abroad, the suing of the British Government is a classic example of the awareness created by Hindraf to plight of the Indians.

We did not asked to be born in Malaysia we were brought here and promised a birthright, I hope teachers in government schools or any other government servants will not tell us to BALIK India , this is the country we accepted as our birthright, this will be our country too.

Daily I read about foreigners given citizenship and the right to vote easily, this is something that is not right if it is true (it could be true, it happened in Sabah during Mahathir's era) I still remember my mother who was born in Malaya in 1931 did not have citizenship until 1968  she was 37 years old,and she was a government servant too, she still receives her pension?

my father received his citizenship in 1958 just after Merdeka and me and my brother had to wait till my mother got her citizenship before our IC's turned blue, that was the system then, before computer era, all data has to be archived and it was time consuming , and it was the system introduced by the British, there was no corruption, according to my mother the person who issued her citizenship was an Indian officer , and he was very strict asking her all sorts of questions before issuing her the citizenship,so it was not easy to get a a citizenship even though you were born in Malaya then, talking about system, my father told me once that, he was denied to vote because he didn't bring along his address card after he changed his address from Ulu Yam to Jinjang , I still remember those days I had to carry an address card for any official business even banking, the card is issued at the IC office or at post offices throughtout Malaysia, but today I hear that voters are shifted and added according to whims and fancies , how can this be done where is the system?  and it looks like the situation is different today, foreigners are offered citizenship for votes.

This will make Indians 4th class or 5th class citizens, we are about 2 million Indians  mainly in Peninsula Malaysia, will we have a voice? that can be heard ' the answer is Yes! we are well distributed in many constituents and our every vote counts. The country has been ruled by one government for 54 years (the longest ruling party in a democratic country in the world) and we were shortchanged, are we going to allow it to continue or we are going to say No' .

 The future of our society is in our hands we have to rise up and voice out , we need to show and if possible LEAD the way. This is my plea to all children it is your future that we as parents care, it is going to be your generation that will carry the light for future generations of Indians to carry our heads high and mighty. God has not forsaken us , he has given us the intelligence to be above all.




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