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'Merdeka' a slap on the face

Contributed by Anonymous on Friday, September 16 @ 01:34:44 CDT

National: Politics
I still remember what my brother who is elder to me by 4 yrs told me of his memory( he was seven yrs) of that" Merdeka" day in 1957, our father was all excited, he dressed us up and together with his friends and their sons were all off to Stadium Merdeka for our Independance celebrations, along the way it was all stories of how we got our independance from the British.

My father and his friends were all very proud on that day, cause they knew that their sons and offsprings will have a better future here then their origin country India.

My father knew we will be prosperous as an independant country. He hated the British, most probably this was instilled by my grandfather (INA) who was a freedom fighter in India. My father came to Burma with (INA) Subash Chandra Bose when he was barely eighteen, left Burma to Singapore with the INA and then he settled in Malaya.

All his life he felt that he was fighting the British ,so when this independence came in1957 he expected it and was all excited like a dream accomplished.

The day 31st August 1957 the declaration of our independence from the British was real, the shouts of Merdeka! Merdeka! were real, the feelings of the thousands at the stadium and the millions at home was real,

But today one dr Zainal Kling and the National Professors Council together with Mahathir Mohammed are telling the people of Malaysia that we were never colonised , which means there is no need for 'Merdeka' from the British.

What happens to the history books that we very zealously mugged for our exams, what happened to the years of flying the flags during August 31st, what happens to the 54 years of celebration and the money spent for the celebrations, what happens to the public holiday given for 31st August for 54 years.

Now what am I going to say to my grandson ?

son' sorry there is no" Merdeka Day" for Malaysia!      This is really a tight slap on our faces?




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