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Pakatan losing Indian support?

Contributed by Anonymous on Wednesday, September 14 @ 10:38:19 CDT

National: Politics
FMT, September 13, 2011

From P Dev Anand Pillai, via e-mail

The Indians were never the kind of community in Malaysia that would go against their political masters ever since they had decided to make Malaysia their home and stayed back from returning to India.

They were here to make a living and sad to say that is still very much the mindset till today thanks to the stereotyping and indoctrination by Ummo-BN through the education system. What we have today is an Indian society that was simply trying its luck the last time around just to see what would happen.

Now after seeing that all their wishes have been slow in seeing its realisation, the Indians are  going back to the same old barn (BN-barn) where they have been the most comfortable, no matter what kind of treatment they would get.

The real happennings behind the scene and the understanding of the division of power between the Federal and State governments seem to be an issue which the Malays and Chinese population understand better than the Indians.

If not for the incarceration of the Hindraf 5, Malaysian Indians would have never woken up from their long slumber and the MIC will be the proudest party in the BN stable for providing a 100% winning ability in delivering 9 Parliamentary and 19 State Legislative seats.

How the Federal Government manipulates the federal finances and continues to undermine and disrespect the choice of the people in the States of Kedah,Penang, Perak and Selangor is of no concern to the normal Indian on the street.

They don’t understand this and neither do they want to understand it eventhough some of them may be graduates from the local universities. It is never suprising to note that many amongst them are not even bothered to know their constitutional right to vote and their obligation to exercise that right in a democracy.

But the situation is just the opposite amongst the Chinese undergraduates, they are very knowledgable with regard to their right to vote and a vast majority of them are registered voters. Many wait for the opportunity to register themselves as voters and will not sulk if they are asked to go to a shopping mall to get themselves registered as voters.

The Indian undergraduates will find it difficult to even take the effort to learn about voter registration programmes and many have the view that their vote even if registered is not neccesary. Some even have the view that something bad and drastic will happen to them if they vote for any other party except Ummo, MIC, MCA,Gerakan and PPP.

Therefore with this mindset amongst the young, the BN has a winning formula which is always proven. Keep the young Indians misled and misinformed and relying on the old indoctrinated Indians who will vote for a BN candidate even if he does not even appear in their constituency and speak about national policies and his vision for a brighter and equal standing of the Indians with other races, is the best known way the BN keeps the lid on the Indians.

Indians have made a mistake and Pakatan should not lose much sleep over it. In the wake of the 2008 upheavel a vast group of the highly educated lot amongst them and generally amongst the other races as well have taken it upon them to vote for change.

These people understand the shortcomings and are able to see the bigger picture that only a two party system can see a proper practice of Parliamentary democracy and a system of checks and balances in a country that believes in racial supremacy.

Though this group may be small but the fact is it will have the last laugh at the end of the day. After the 2008 upheavel and mini revolution, the Indians saw their young graduates being appointed as Magistrates, Senior Assistant Registrars, Police personnel and Customs personnel,  which is now slowly and surely being eradicated as there was no strong opposition from the Indians.

Besides Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh, Kulasegaran and a few MIC individuals voicing their opposition to the low number of recruits for the professional categories to the civil service,  the vast majority of the MIC warriors were not too interested or bothered as they had their eyes on lucrative Ali-Baba contracts which they can make loads of money from.

This new class of Indian professional category civil servants will now make the new group of voters for the BN and they like their forefathers before them will not vote for any other party besides the BN.

The indoctrination and the divide and rule system has seeped into the Indian mind with lasting effect. A classic example is the sudden turn around of a group that was in the forefront with the Hindraf but now is a registered political party calling itself the Malaysian Makkal Sakti party.

The overnight turn around shows how well the indoctrination works and this is evident in the mindset of the Indian police officers; many of whom are tasked by the Police Force to infiltrate Indian organisations and NGOs and any sort of movement or grouping that goes against the teaching of the indoctrinators.

For the Malaysian Indian, their mindset has been tuned to a point that it is difficult for them to see beyond the racial lense which they have been accustomed to all this while. They see it as  acceptable to live out of the handouts and crumbs thrown out by the Masters and the Indoctrinators.

Anything that goes against what the Masters and the indoctrinators have spelt out for them will only invite trouble and this will continously be the mindset even though they live for the day and will not know when the local council will come knocking on their doors to serve them an eviction notice.

For the moment, the Indian Malaysians seem to want to return to the BN but in doing so, they are bound to lose out on the bigger picture eventually. This will happen when the Indian vote becomes insignificant when the newly legalised Malaysians of Indonesian, Filipino, Bangladeshi, Nepali and Middle Eastern dissent become sycronised with the Malaysian population.

They stand a better chance because the majority will be Muslim with many having children here with “bin” or “binti” in their names and will be eventually able to fine a place for themselves in the definition of the term “bumiputera” but the Indians will eventually lose out as in terms of numbers which will then transcend to political power and representation.

Their believe in the mindset that an Indian political party is for Indian voters will be a thing of the past as they will never be able to see themselves on par with their counterparts in Singapore who are not governed by racial and religious politics.

Indians there gain by merit and the best are sourced out by the government to be included in the national agenda to lead the nation in various fields, looking only at their ability and not the colour of their skin, the race they belong too and the religion they profess.

The programming of the Indian mindset by the indoctrinators is the best way the ruling elite in the BN and Ummo can ensure that they stay within the confines of the BN barn. Making them beg for participation has created a community that sees the ruling Malay class as the Masters and themselves as the faithful servants.

The masters, seeing that the Indians are faithful servants but lack in the unity department amongst themselves make full use of this weakness to further exert control on their already stereotyped mindset. The Tamil Hindu will despice the Tamil Christian, Tamil Muslim, the Malayalee Hindu, Malayalee Christian or the Telugus.

In the Tamil Hindu majority, the caste that they belong to, though not very significant today, but still reminded of it by the elders will further divide them. This has been well studied by the Ummo masters and they exploit them to the tilt. For the Ummo masters, all they care about is the vote and the continous, if not perpetual right, that they think they have to rule this country without question.

The Indians fail to realise that their best bet for the future is through multi-racial parties and politics. A good example will be the leadership of Ambiga Sreenevasan of the recent Bersih 2.0 rally, though the Ummo-Perkasa-BN hegemonist described and called her the “Hindu Woman who is anti-Islam” because of her participation in Lina Joy’s apostasy case.

The Malays and Chinese from the opposition, NGO movements, ‘thinking’ civil society and Malaysians abroad accepted her leadership and looked forward for her brave stewardship of the entire civil task of registering a point with a very stubborn and recalcitrant Ummo-BN government.

The Indians in MIC though were silently proud of her leadership never said a word about her bravery and courage in leading the charge to show the Ummo-BN government that the people are fed up. The opposition is slowly but surely going on the right track by putting aside the racial mind frame that we have all been stereotyped with and coming with a more Malaysian approach of looking at the bigger picture to see how we can progress as Malaysians instead of having only ethnicity in their minds.

Therefore looking at most current political reports and opinions that the Indian vote is heading back to the BN barn, one would say ‘let it be’ for they will be the eventual losers. Already being seen as the new urban underclass, the common jobs which the Indians will usually be hired for without question is now being taken over by Indonesian, Bangladeshi and Nepali migrants who have now become overnight legalised new-Malaysians.

This phenomena can’t be stopped even if Indians in Malaysia were to give MIC nine parliamentary and 19 state legislative seats because the MIC’s voice in the cabinet is always heard in low decibels or never heard at all. Can we blame them? We can’t, as they may then lose what little they and their kin are getting as a result kow-towing to their Ummo-Masters.

So whether Pakatan gets the Indian votes or not, is an issue which Pakatan shouldn’t lose much sleep over. The thinking Malays, Chinese and Indians are ready to accept the fact that the only way forward is to be Malaysian first and racial denomination or ethnicity second. If the Indians want to go back to the BN barn, let them do so.



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