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Palanivel: If you canít beat them, bribe them

Contributed by Anonymous on Wednesday, July 27 @ 10:57:56 CDT

Wednesday, 27 July, 2011

Palanivel, the current MIC president, desperately needs to increase his party men support that is still hovering around 20%. The new alliance of Subramaniam S, former MIC deputy, and Sothinathan, Maika Telecoms share hijacker, could very well doom his political career as the only unelected MIC president.

If there was no split in the Konggu Gounder clans vote, Subra could have thrashed Palani in the last MIC presidential election.  On the other hand, Dr. Subra and Mohan T are scheming to take over the leadership.
Palani has no other alternative but to bribe the entire MIC branch chiefs.

Lavish’ MIC AGM draws flak

FMT, B Nantha Kumar,  July 27, 2011

The allegations include the booking of five-star hotel rooms for delegates, and RM800,000 for 'goodie bags'.

KUALA LUMPUR: MIC’s 65th annual general meeting slated for this weekend is being touted as a lavish affair, with some alleging that it cost RM2 million.

However, the party’s treasurer-general Jaspal Singh denied this.

“It is lesser than RM2 million,” he said, but declined to reveal the actual amount.

Instead of holding it in the Putra World Trade Centre as done in previous years, MIC president G Palanivel, who will be chairing his first AGM, has decided to move the meeting to the administrative capital.

The two-day event will be held at the Putrajaya International Covention Centre (PICC). It is learnt that MIC has booked three halls at a cost of RM90,000 per day for its annual meeting.

Justifying the change of venue, MIC secretary-general S Murugesan said in the past only 1,500 delegates attended but this time around, a total of 3,700 branch chairmen will be present.

FMT also learnt that MIC has booked five-star hotel rooms for those attending but Jaspal denied that all the rooms are in five-star hotels.

“We booked rooms at five-star hotels that offer three-star prices,” he said, adding that the delegates will be housed in hotels located in Putrajaya and Kajang.

‘RM800,000 for goodie bags’

Another startling allegation was that the “goodie bags” for the delegates cost around RM200 a piece, bringing the total to nearly RM800,000.

The bag alone, said a central working committee (CWC) member, cost around RM50 and was purchased by Jaspal in China.

“This is pure nonsense. Must we spend so much of money on ‘goodie bags’? Why do these branch chairmen need five-star hotel rooms?

“Can’t we use it for something more constructive to help the community?” asked the CWC member, who declined to be named.

However, Jaspal denied that the bag cost RM50 a piece, but once again declined to state the actual price.

‘Baiting branch chiefs’ votes’

Meanwhile, the CWC member claimed that “a fortune was being spent” to bait the branch chairmen, who will be voting in the party’s presidential election.

He said since Palanivel, who succeeded S Samy Vellu last year, is facing a possible three-cornered fight for the top post, he needed to get into the branch chairmens’ good books.

“In the past, he has been winning the number two post because of Samy Vellu. But now there are rumours that even the former president is peeved with his successor over numerous issues.

“Even those in MIC are not comfortable with the media-shy Palanivel’s leadership style,” he added.

Speculation is rife that Palanivel will be challenged by two Subramaniams, current deputy president Dr S Subramaniam, who is said to be Samy Vellu’s present preferred choice, and former number two S Subramaniam.

The CWC member warned that the extravagant affair is bound to rile up the Indian community, and added that there is no point in becoming popular in MIC when the community loses faith in the leadership.

Another MIC grassroots leader, who also declined to be named, said that it is wrong to spend such a huge sum on the AGM when poor Indian students are struggling for scholarships to pursue their education.

“Even the prime minister has asked us to be more prudent in our spending so we should have cut down on the expense for the AGM and use the remaining money to help poor students.

“It would have been better for Palanivel to present the cheques to the students during the AGM instead of booking expensive hotel rooms,” he added.

Text message: Discard MIC

With two days to go before the AGM, there is also a text message being circulated calling on the Indian community to turn their backs on MIC.

The text message reads: “MIC achivements: In 1958, Malaysian Indian equity was 28% and today dropped to 1.1%, Indian population before independence 24% and today 7.9%, our graduates in 1955 was 34%, and now 0.9%.”

The text message also noted that in the early 1960s, the Indian community owned three banks and 37% of land titles, which has now dropped to 0.85%.

Stating that the number of Tamil schools have also dropped from 1,023 to 523, the text message stated: “By trusting MIC, we have lost 90% of our rights.”
MIC boss to reveal ‘holistic proposal’
K Pragalath
 | July 27, 2011

Palanivel, who will be chairing his first party AGM, is expected to reveal a new proposal for the Indian community.

PETALING JAYA: MIC president G Palanivel, who will be chairing his first party annual general meeting (AGM) this weekend, will reveal a new proposal for the Indian community.

“He will be delivering a far-reaching holistic proposal for the community,” said MIC secretary-general S Murugesan.

However, he declined to elaborate on the proposal.

This AGM would also see Palanivel breaking from tradition by holding the two-day event at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) instead of the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC).

Commenting on the change of venue, Murugesan said: “PWTC cannot accommodate all those we have invited.”

“For the first time we have invited all branch chairmen,” he added.

In the past, only 1,500 delegates attended the party AGMs but this time around, explained Murugesan, a total of 3,700 branch chairmen would be present.

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, who would be officiating at the AGM, is also scheduled to launch the party magazine MIC Times and its new online broadcast site, MIC TV.



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