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MIC: Big Chiefs and little Indians

Contributed by Anonymous on Tuesday, May 31 @ 09:51:21 CDT, 27 may 2011

Sometime ago, a leading member of the Chinese business community declared that the Chinese do not actually need Chinese politicians and Ministers to represent them. That statement sapped the smugness off the MCA. In one sense its true- Chinese businesspersons can always talk direct to Malay leaders. They have ingenious ways to convince their Malaysian Malay brethren.

That's an interesting topic to expand. We will do that perhaps later. In the meantime, maybe the Malaysian Indians should emulate their spirited Chinese brother. Indians don't require representation by the MIC really. They can do so through Nor Mohamad Yakob, Naina Merican, Azeez Rahim, Zambry Kadir et al. no?

They too can also talk direct to Malay leaders. Tony Fernandes knows how, Ananda Krishna knows how. So do Ravi Menon, Arumugam, Gnalingam. Even the one time driver keneth Eswaran knows how too. They ALL know how to. Forget MIC and forget Palani.

The Indians should have more reason to dismiss the near extinct MIC. MIC does not fight for the untouchables, for the Sentul people, for the Sungai way Indians. They should now demand to know what actually happen to the RM 100 million suit against Samy Vellu and the 7 seven trustees. How much money was actually lost? And how will the Indian community be compensated for the loss? Pandykutti!

High Court Judge Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahim granted MIED's application for leave to withdraw its suit over alleged mismanagement which it claimed caused the education arm of the MIC to incur losses. The suit was withdrawn today after former MIC Youth chief A Vigneswaran, who initiated it, was appointed to sit on the MIED board as observer for one year from May 12.

Will the Indians now accept that their interest in the field of education has all this time been depending on the resolve of one Vigneswaran? And now that he has wilted, their hopes are also dashed?

Don't you want to graduate from being a seller of pirated CDs to owning Airlines, from advertising salesman to owning ports, airports, controlling the media? Vigneswaran agrees to withdraw because he is now appointed a board member as a mute observer. An observer is not allowed to talk you know, unless invited by the board chairman to speak.

I think public spirited Malaysian Indians must now check up the story behind Vigneswaran's capitulation and they should also check out who is behind Deloitte Corporate Solutions Sdn Bhd which has been appointed as the management consultants/management accountants for MIED.

MIED is now charged to adhere to full disclosure of major transactions and matters relating to MIED at board meetings. Come again? You mean all this time it hasn't and that must be one of the reasons why our friend VIgneswaran brought the suit in the first place. How is Vignes's personal constitution? Is he of unimpeachable character?

Vigi's withdrawal must have brought relief to Samy Vellu, his successor, G Palanivel, M Mahalingam, Dr T Marimuthu, Dr SK Ampikaipakam, Dr Karnail Singh Nijhar, K Kumaran and G Vadiveloo and audit firm Kumpulan Naga.

Counsel, Gurupatham told reporters that his client withdrew the suit in the best interests of the Indian community so that MIED would be run in a transparent manner. What about the RM 100 million?

The other counsel for MIED, Vasanthi said the judge was pleased that settlement had been reached for the benefit of MIED, and granted the application to withdraw the suit with no legal costs.

In the suit, MIED claimed the defendants had breached fiduciary and statutory duties, and failed to discharge their responsibilities as trustees and auditors, which caused the institute to suffer huge losses. How big was the loss to the Indian community?

Is Samy Vellu going to return all monies or profits made from MIED, either by himself or through family members and close friends? MIED also wanted a court order to make Samy Vellu compensate all the financial losses incurred by the institute in the time he had administered MIED as its chairman as well as special and general damages over the alleged losses, which it claimed totaled RM100 million.



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