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Sosilawati murder: Sosilawati murder: Another knife and watch found

Contributed by Anonymous on Tuesday, September 14 @ 07:41:35 CDT

The Malay Mail,

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010 
NEW EVIDENCE? The knife recovered from Sungai Kanchong earlier today — Pic: ARIF KARTONO
BANTING: The Marine police have recovered another knife and watch from Sungai Kanchong Laut in Kampung Endah, here at 4.30pm today. In their effort to recover more evidence pertaining to the murders of Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya and her associates, the police have been combing the stream from 11.30am. Three divers were despatched.


makkal osai 140910

The knife, recovered by the divers, was something of a kitchen knife, with a black handle. The police are still in the midst of determining if the two items found are connected to the murder case.
As of 4.55pm, the search for evidence has been called off for the day.
Earlier in the afternoon, the police also brought two of the suspects to Sungai Kanchong. While it is not known whom the two suspects are, it has been ascertained that the duo were not the Datuk lawyer and his brother, who are the two main suspects in this case.
At Press time, the road at Ladang Gadong is still sealed off by police.
Despite being continuously prompted by reporters, the police are still not commenting on the case.
Sosilawati murder: Suspect leads police to his office in Banting

G. Prakash
Joseph Kaos Jr
Tuesday, September 14th, 2010 
CONFISCATED: Police seizing the CPUs from the Datuk lawyer's office this morning. — Pic: ARIF KARTONO
BANTING: The main suspect in the cosmetics millionaire Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya murder case led police to his office in Banting town to assist investigations into the four gruesome murders.
The suspect was brought with maximum security by a police team from the Kuala Langat police headquarters at about 10.50am today.
However, police was delayed from entering the premises as the key they had was not the right one, so the suspect was taken back to Banting police headquarters.
About 15 minutes later, police came back with the suspect and managed to get inside the premise at 11.05am.
Several files of do*****ents together with seven computer CPUs (central processing units) were seized when police came down from the suspect's office.
Police spent almost an hour and a half searching the premise.
Apart from members of the media, residents in the area also gathered in front of the premise to see the commotion and to catch a glimpse of the suspect, who is a prominent Datuk lawyer.
Police officers at the scene declined to give any comments.
Meanwhile, a team of Marine police and a forensic team was seen entering the poultry farm on Ladang Gadong where the alleged murders took place.
The Marine police team have been based at Sungai Kanchong Laut to look for more evidence and also for the belongings of the four victims, which were now believed to have been dumped into the river.
Residents suspicious of farm even before Sosilawati's death
BLOCKED ACCESS: Press members waiting outside the oil palm plantation in Banting yesterday — Pic: ASHRAF SHAMSUL AZLAN
BANTING: Locals in the area have long harboured suspicions about what went on for many months at the now infamous Ladang Gadong farm here where cosmetics queen Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya and her associates were said to have been murdered.
They claimed to had seen strange happenings at the four-hectare plantation belonging to the prime suspect — the 'Datuk lawyer' — which is fortified by concrete wall and surrounded by oil palm trees.
Residents here also claimed to have noticed characters of all sorts going in and out of the farm — sometimes in luxury cars.
A local, who spoke to The Malay Mail on the condition of anonymity, said she also noticed some women frequenting the place.
“I thought the farm occupants were involved in vice activities,” said the local, adding she was shocked to learn gruesome murders had occurred at the farm.
Some locals admitted having known something fishy was going on at the farm, but were afraid to speak up or interfere because they knew the "Datuk lawyer" had “powerful connections”.
A Selangor politician, who declined to be named, claimed the "Datuk lawyer" and his brother, also a lawyer, were involved in many land-swindling cases and had established a reputation in Banting.
“The Datuk used to boast that even the police could not touch them. I know the brothers are lawyers but they may have made their fortune out of possibly cheating and money-lending businesses.”
The politician added that the Datuk’s residence in Banting was a sprawling mansion, one which would even put the infamous “Zakaria mansion” — which belonged to the late former Port Klang assemblyman Datuk Zakaria Deros — to shame.
Several other local politicians were also suspicious as to how the lawyer had amassed such astounding wealth.
Since Saturday night, police have blocked access to the farm. The farm entrance is at least 500m from the main road and is accessible via a small road. The farm’s compound is hardly visible from the main road itself.
Within the walls of the farm, said to have been acquired by the lawyer three years ago, were several buildings, including goat and chicken barns.
The four victims were believed to have been taken into one of the barns, where they were held captive.
Police said the suspects told them the victims were killed before their bodies were burned and the ashes, including small bone fragments, scattered in a small river next to the farm.
It was also learnt that the four may have had their throats slit, as police are believed to have recovered a knife after searching nearby streams. A watch believed to belong to one of the victims was also recovered by police divers.
Police are probing the possibility that as many as nine people could have died at the hands of the suspects over a three-year period. Those feared dead include A. Muthuraja, a businessman from India who disappeared in Banting after visiting Malaysia in January.
Besides the two lawyer brothers, the six other suspects were farmhands — aged between 19 and 45. Two of them were women.
'Possible to extract DNA from bone fragments'
PETALING JAYA: DNA samples can be extracted from bone fragments, says prominent forensic pathologist Datuk Dr Bhupinder Singh.
"As long as there is living tissue, it is possible for DNA to be extracted. In the case of bone fragments, the living tissues can be found in the bone marrow," he said when commenting on the murder of millionaire cosmetics queen Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya and three of her associates recently.
DNA is required for identification of a body as it contains genetic information unique to an individual, except for identical twins. To obtain DNA, a living cell is required and can be found only in live tissues. DNA is available within a cell and can be extracted by using specific scientific techniques that enable a cell to be broken down.
Dr Bhupinder also said DNA could be extracted from 'old' bones. "There was one case where I extracted DNA from bones that had been left behind for three years."
However, DNA could not be extracted from ashes, he said. "If everything is burnt out and there is no living tissue left behind. It is impossible to find any DNA in ashes."
Dr Bhupinder is well-known for determining the identities of skeletal remains of five slain triad members of the Sio Sam Ong (Three Little Emperors) gang in Penang in 1992.
He was also involved in forensic work at the Highland Towers tragedy in 1993 in Selangor and the 2004 tsunami.
He is also part-time clinical lecturer at Penang Medical College.
The Star

Tuesday September 14, 2010
Wife: My hubby missing after visiting brothers

Ten years of friendship must amount to something... M. USHARANI
KLANG: Life for M. Usharani has been a living hell since her husband A. Muthuraja, a lawyer from India, disappeared in Banting after he came here for a visit in January.
She said her financier husband had arrived in Malaysia on Jan 18 after being invited by two lawyer brothers in Banting.
“They told him it was compulsory to come and that he could return to India in a day,” said Usharani, adding that her last contact with Muthuraja was on that day.
“My husband told me that the lawyers had picked him up and he was with them at their family home when I spoke to him,” Usharani said in a telephone interview from Chennai, India.
Usharani, 24, said that when she telephoned one of the brothers on Jan 19 after being unable to contact her husband, she was told they did not know if Muthuraja had even come to Malaysia.
She added that the lawyer brothers, who have been detained over the gruesome murder of businesswoman Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya and three others, had been friends with Muthuraja for 10 years.
Usharani, who has a three-year-old daughter, flew to Kuala Lumpur on Sept 7 and lodged a report on her husband’s disappearance at the Banting police station before returning to Chennai on Sept 9.
She said she had called the lawyer brothers and their family members several times when she failed to contact Muthuraja, but they would not entertain her.
“Their wives and family members were very rude.
“I found this strange because as family friends I thought they would be concerned.”
Usharani said that when she persisted in calling and demanding to know where Muthuraja was, the brothers and family members told her he had been caught smuggling ketamine and was in police custody.
“I made countless telephone calls and faxed a note to Interpol and the Indian High Commission in Malaysia.”
Usharani said the brothers’ family told her they could not get involved in her husband’s case “because they were from a reputable family.”
Usharani said Muthuraja’s brother Kasiviswanathan came to Banting four months ago to look for him but the brothers immediately sent him back to Chennai with Muthuraja’s luggage.
“They told him that since my husband was involved in a serious drug case, we should lie low,” she added.
“I don’t want to believe my husband was harmed by his friends.
“Ten years of friendship must amount to something,” she said.



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