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In Klang, the only loser was Samy Vellu

Contributed by Anonymous on Sunday, July 04 @ 10:47:03 CDT

MIC, July 07 2010

July 04, 2010
KLANG, July 4 — MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu, with the Barisan Nasional (BN) political establishment behind him, has never lost a fight. But at the Dewan Hamzah in Klang today his streak ended.

He lost a crucial battle with about 1,000 ordinary people who had gathered at the hall to denounce him despite concerted attempts to disrupt and end  the proceeding by his supporters who gate-crashed the event. About 30 supporters held the gathering to ransom. The organizers, the three leaders of Gerakan Anti Samy Vellu or GAS – K.P.Samy, V. Mugilan and Kumar Amman - and several other expelled MIC members braved the heckling, harassment and disruption by Samy’s supporters. But they held on until police arrived to cheers from the audience. For nearly an hour, from 2pm, the organizers battled with them, with not a single policemen present, except for plainclothes Special Branch detectives who did not interfere to stop the disruption. Only after people in the audience raised their voices and demanded, “where are the police?” did a dozen uniformed police arrive and stop the disruption. Samy Vellu lost whatever little respect he still enjoys with the Indian community as one after another in the audience cursed his name. The gatecrashers, led by well known MIC characters like MIC divisional leader Taman Maznah Chandran and in*****bent MIC Youth leader Siva Subramaniam and others of their ilk, continued to argue with police and demanded that not a word was mentioned of Samy Vellu and MIC. Urged by the police GAS leaders gave short speeches not mentioning Samy Vellu along with former Hindraf leaders  Ganapathi Rao, now in DAP, and independent activist P. Gengadharan. However, Mugilan in his five-minute speech, heckled by the Samy Vellu supporters, gave a fiery speech urging the people to rise up against Samy Vellu. The meeting ended on that note with the people leaving satisfied that although the group sought to disrupt their gathering they had prevailed and had urged Samy Vellu to step down. “I am happy that despite so much disruption we managed to shout “Down with Samy!”,” said S. Vellu Samy from Negri Sembilan.  ”We won, Samy Vellu lost…he is not fit to lead us any more after this show of gangsterism,” he said. In Klang today, Samy Vellu’s mask fell and he lost terribly. Staying as party president and claiming to be leader of the Indian community is simply untenable. Not a day longer was the message those in Dewan Hamzah sent out to the man who has been president since 1979. However, the day was not without its irony. Among those who urged the goons to disappear was Bharat Maniam, the expelled Petaling Jaya MIC division chairman who was the muscle Samy Vellu had used to strike terror among supporters of former expelled vice-president Tan Sri M.G. Pandithan. Kumar Amman, the sacked MIC CWC member and a leader of GAS, had only months ago attacked an aide to Penang Deputy Chief Minister Dr P. Ramasamy as part of a MIC Youth demonstration against the DAP. Today, he was carrying a book about Indian independence leader Mohandas Gandhi and shouting “Ahimsa! Ahimsa!” as goons threatened to assault them. “Yes, I assaulted him but that is a different Kumar Amman…that Kumar Amman no longer exists,” said Kumar Amman. Ganapathi Rao, a DAP member, said in his short speech that there is nothing wrong in Indians of all persuasions to come together for the good of the community while Gengadharan told The Malaysian Insider he was politically independent. K.P.Samy, who had dreams of joining Pakatan Rakyat, ended his speech condemning the gatecrashers as “street animals and paid goons” and ended his speech, startling the audience with three shouts of, Long Live Najib! The only loser was Samy Vellu.

The Star
Published: Sunday July 4, 2010 MYT 3:51:00 PM
Updated: Sunday July 4, 2010 MYT 5:58:46 PMMIC members disrupt Klang anti-Samy Vellu rally (Updated)By EDWARD R. HENRY

KLANG: MIC members gate-crashed the second anti-Samy Vellu rally here Sunday and brought it to an early end.Former Taman Maznah MIC chairman S. Chandran and former Klang division chairman K. Tharmalingam headed the group of about 50 Klang MIC members, who became embroiled in heated debates with those attending the rally, resulting in minor scuffles outside and in the hall.The MIC group had gathered at the venue even before the event was scheduled to start at 1pm."Don't ever utter a word about MIC. You must not mention Samy Vellu's name. Get out of this hall as you have no place here," Chandran told rally supporters, before barging into the hall around 2pm.Gerakan Anti-Samy Vellu (GAS) leaders V. Mugilan and G. Kumar Aamaan, together with rally organiser K.P. Samy, a former MIC central working committee member who was sacked earlier, clashed verbally with the hostile group inside the hall.The shouting between the two groups grew louder as Chandran challenged the organisers, with minor scuffles erupting near the stage.In an attempted to cool tempers, Aamaan held up a book, The Life of Mahatma Gandhi by Louis Fisher, and began to chant "Ahimsa" (which means non-violence in Sanskrit) and people in the hall followed suit.Policemen entered the hall around 2.10pm to keep the situation from getting out of control.The organisers ended the gathering of 1,500 at 3pm, two hours earlier than scheduled, on the advice of the Klang police chief.Samy called for press conference on the stage and handed out a four-page memorandum to the press."We are unable to hold a peaceful gathering as Samy Vellu sent his gangsters to wreak havoc. All we wanted to do was chart out the future of the Indians in this nation and get their support, which would be handed to the Prime Minister," he said.The four-page memorandum contained nine issues, including calling for the government to lower the schooling age to five, reduce personal tax, establish kindergartens within existing Tamil schools, rehabilitate prisoners and redefine poverty.Mugilan also called for MIC chief Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu to step down.Samy Vellu announced earlier that he would step down in 2012 and not on July 10, as demanded by his critics.Klang Police Chief Asst Comm Muhammad Mat Yusop said 60 policemen, together with the light strike force, were deployed to keep the situation in control.*****
GAS II stormed by Samy Vellu’s men
UPDATED @ 05:21:30 PM 04-07-2010
July 04, 2010
KLANG, July 4 — Chaos erupted at the Gerakan Anti-Samy Vellu gathering here when the event was rudely interrupted by about 50 people, believed to be supporters of the party president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu.The group turned up before the event was scheduled to begin at about 1pm and began discouraging people from entering Dewan Dato Hamzah, where the gathering was being held.
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Just before 2pm, a shouting match ensued outside the hall between the two factions and a minor scuffle followed when several men, engaged in a heated debate, began to shove each other around.At 2pm, the rowdy group of Samy Vellu supporters pushed their way into the hall, shouting at the top of their lungs.They are believed to be led by three key men — Selangor MIC information chief L. Siva Subramaniam, and two branch chairmen, one known as “Taman Maznah” Chandran, and another as Dharmalingam, a former Klang MIC division chief who currently sits as a director in the Port Klang Authority, an appointment made by Samy Vellu himself.“Don’t you dare speak of MIC. Don’t you dare utter Samy Vellu’s name. Get out of this hall, stop this gathering,” they shouted as they made their way to the stage.When they clashed with the organisers and supporters of the GAS gathering, another shouting match broke out.More pushing and shoving were witnessed as the fight heated up quickly.GAS supporters, led by sacked leaders V. Mugilan, K. P. Samy, G. Kumar Aamaan, former Petaling Jaya Barat MIC chief V. Subramaniam or “Bharat Maniam”, began yelling at the group to get out.At one point, Samy, together with Kumar Aamaan, who was holding up a book called “The Life of Mahatma Ghandi”, began shouting “Ahimsa” which means a peaceful leadership style.The chants grew louder as the GAS supporters who had begun piling into the hall, swelled to about 1,000 people.Chandran, who was one of the most vocal of the group, then yelled at Samy, claiming that the latter had not done a single thing for the Indian community.“If you had won in the elections and became an MP, would you still be here now? You have not given 5sen to the community,” he said.Ignoring him, Samy then called the media up onstage for a press conference.“We are not here to start trouble. This is a peaceful gathering but this is Samy Vellu’s style... he called in his gangsters,” he said.He noted that they were willing to stop the gathering if the group of troublemakers insisted on causing havoc.“We are all law-abiding citizens, we do not want violence. We will listen to the advice of the police,” he said.Samy also called upon the Prime Minister to take note of Samy Vellu’s gangster-like leadership.“He should act against these hooligans. They are the liabilities of the Barisan Nasional.“We, on the other hand, just want peace. We want to submit our memorandum to the PM and call for an early retirement for Samy Vellu,” he said.He also challenged Samy Vellu to declare publicly that Aimst University and MIED belonged to the Indian community and had not been “hijacked” by him.“We will meet with the PM soon on this and on the Maika issue. There are over 60,000 shareholders, now only the PM can help,” he said.Mugilan agreed that Samy Vellu was practising “gangster-style” politics and would be the BN’s greatest stumbling block in the next general election.“This is how he controls the Indian community — with his gangsters.“We do not pay our supporters to come but yet, they turn up in droves.“So long as Samy Vellu is MIC president, the Indians will not support the BN. He is just a senile man,” he said.At about 2.15pm, a group of policemen walked into the hall after they were informed that there were troublemakers attempting to disrupt the event.The police spoke to the group of Samy Vellu supporters for several minutes before informing the GAS organisers that they could proceed with their event.They however noted that the rowdy group would be allowed to stay in the hall for they had refused to leave.When the shouting continued, however, at least half of the rowdy group were ushered out of the hall.The three main leaders in the group of Samy Vellu’s supporters remained behind with a few of their men flanking them.The event continued with a few speeches from the organisers but was continuously disrupted by insults thrown at them.The din in the hall was too loud to hear what the sacked leaders were saying.Despite this, GAS supporters cheered on cue at every punchline.The tension in the air was almost palpable but the police kept a watchful eye on the crowd and was quick to lead away those who became too rowdy with their words.At about 3.10pm, the function was declared over. No untoward incidences were reported.When approached, Mugilan told The Malaysian Insider that GAS II had been successful due to the large turnout.“We will keep fighting. We will keep coming up with more ideas and make sure Samy Vellu steps down as president soon,” he said.He acknowledged that the MIC president had received a strong show of support from the party’s Youth, Wanita, Putera and Puteri wings during the launch of their annual general meeting earlier but insisted that this was because of their fear of Samy Vellu.“He is a dictator. All who oppose him get sacked. They are afraid of him.“I received many SMSes from our supporters who were in the AGMs just now and told me what happened,” he said.Mugilan would not commit to a third GAS gathering but gave his assurance that the GAS efforts would continue.All four GAS leaders were summarily expelled from the party when they dared to speak out against Samy Vellu, who has ruled the MIC for 31 years now.The former Works Minister had announced recently that he would only step down by September next year, ahead of his term of expiration in May 2012, but this did not sit well with many party leaders who had wanted him to leave during the party’s AGM this July 10******FMT Pro-Samy Vellu gate-crashers cause havoc at critics' rally
/* */
By G Vinod KLANG: A group of MIC members caused a ruckus at the Indian Unity Gathering organised by critics of party president S Samy Vellu here today, forcing the police to move in to calm the situation.   The 50-odd pro-Samy Vellu group, led by Selangor MIC information chief L Siva Subramaniam, barged into Dewan Hamzah just as the gathering started at 2pm to heckle and throw insults at the organisers of the gathering.

Siva Subramaniam and his men shouted that no one should insult Samy Vellu.

“Who are you to talk about Samy Vellu? What did you do for the Indian community?” one of them asked the coordinators of the gathering.

Despite the tense situation created by the gate-crashers, organisers KP Samy, V Mugilan, G Kumar Aamaan, V Subramaniam and M Karunanidhi held their ground and urged their 2,000 supporters to stay silent and remain calm.

The organisers refused to be provoked and started chanting 'ahimsa' (non-violence), a move which was quickly followed by their supporters. Despite this, FMT learnt, a melee in the hall caused minor injuries to some people, including a journalist.

The police moved in shortly and urged the pro-Samy Vellu faction to stand down and allow the gathering to continue. 

Those present were then informed by the speakers of their need to remain steadfast in their cause to unite the Indians.

Samy Vellu is a coward

Talking to reporters later, the organisers blasted their uninvited guests for their uncouth behaviour.

“Samy Vellu is a coward for trying to stop a peaceful gathering,” said sacked MIC central committee member KP Samy.

“We have already mentioned that we fully back the leadership of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and the Barisan Nasional government.

“BN is going to have problems due to Samy Vellu's attitude. Now you all know who are the real troublemakers,” he blasted.

Mugilan meanwhile thanked the police for their swift response in handling the situation.

“The crowd today was made up of decent people and Samy Vellu has shown his style of gutter politics here,” said the sacked MIC national deputy youth chief.

“He should step down immediately,” Mugilan said.

All the main organisers of the gathering were sacked by Samy Vellu for working against the party.

Anti-BN gathering

Meanwhile, Siva Subramaniam told FMT that he is very happy that the police controlled the tense situation immediately.

However, he expressed his disappointment that the gathering was permitted to continue despite not having a police permit.

“We even appealed to the Klang local council not to allow KP Samy to use the hall but it dismissed us,” he said.

He added the gathering was not in support of the BN leadership at all.

“How can they claim to be supporting BN when they brought Hindfaf leaders to the gathering,” he said, referring to R Kenghadaran and V Ganabatirau's presence at the gathering. The two of them were arrested under the Internal Security Act in 2007 and released in 2009.

Kenghadaran and DAP-member Ganabatirau told the gathering they were there for the common good of the community.

“This is not about DAP, MIC or any political party. This is about working for a common interest which is uniting Indians for a common agenda.” said Ganabatirau.


'Samy controlling Indians through gangsterism'

Hazlan Zakaria
Jul 4, 10

Anti Samy Vellu Movement (GAS) leaders today hit out at MIC president S Samy Vellu, calling him a “gangster” for allegedly hiring thugs to disrupt their second rally at Dewan Hamzah in Klang earlier this afternoon. “This is the way of Samy Vellu. Samy Vellu (has been) a gangster for 31 years. He has been controlling the Indians through gangsterism. Samy Vellu paid these thugs to cause trouble (left) here,” said former MIC Youth chief V Mugilan, one of GAS' founders.

Mugilan spoke at a makeshift press conference that GAS leaders held during a standoff between their supporters and 50 MIC supporters who showed up to disrupt the rally, as 30 police officers rushed into the hall to control the situation.

The MIC supporters (left) had gatecrashed the rally earlier to try to stop the proceedings.

“We are calmly waiting for the situation to come under control. If the situation is not controlled we are obedient citizens of this country, we will not take the law into our own hands. We will take the police's advice,” added former MIC supreme council member KP Samy.

He contends that it is clear that non-GAS members in the crowd are disrupting the rally, but called for non-violence.

“Even if they attack, we will not react,” he added, implying that the MIC gatecrashers represented the “arrogance and hooligans ” of Samy and his diehards.

'Samy is a coward'

“We got a good crowd. They claimed 5,000 but not even 50 is here. Now the party, the police, the media, the whole world can decide on who are the troublemakers, who are the assets and who are the liabilities to BN.” said the former MIC strongman.

“Samy is a coward,” added KP Samy (right) in a parting shot, challenging the MIC president to take GAS to court.

KP Samy further added that they will be handing a memorandum to the prime minister soon, to ask him to step in and solve the woes of the Indians, whom GAS claimed have been cheated by Samy for so long.

“Samy, your reputation is ruined. The Indians are angry with you. We showed you in 2008, to ask you to leave the party, but you never learned from it,” said Mugilan.


Combustible start to 'GAS 2' rally

About 600 people gathered at the Dewan Hamzah in Klang today for the second Gerakan Anti-Samy Vellu (GAS) rally to campaign for MIC chief S Samy Vellu to step down. In contrast to the previous rally, only a single backdrop adorned the stage inside the hall, reading “A New Dawn For Indians”.From the very outset, trouble loomed in the horizon with the arrival of about 50 members of Klang MIC, who watched from the entrance. An MIC leader had yesterday said that 5,000 MIC protesters would gather to counter the GAS rally. 50 eventually turned up.A shouting match started about half-hour into the rally at 2pm between the gatecrashers and GAS supporters.The confrontation threatened to get physical, and GAS leaders had to quickly get things under control by restraining their followers and chanting “Ahimsa!” (non-violence), following the non-violent civil disobedience espoused by Gandhi.

A GAS leader also held up a copy of a book on Gandhi's struggles as KP Samy led the crowd in the chant.Don't say Samy! As police officers persuaded the MIC supporters to leave, about 30 other police personnel ringed all entrances to the hall.The MIC supporters initially refused, saying, "If we leave, everybody has to leave!"They added that they will not tolerate anyone speaking against Samy Vellu. "Don't you dare speak of MIC. Don't you dare utter Samy Vellu's name. Get out of this hall, stop this gathering," Bernama reported one of the supporters as saying.The group is believed to have been led by Selangor MIC information chief L Siva Subramaniam, former Taman Maznah MIC branch chairman S Chandran and former Klang MIC division chief K Tharmalingam. “If Datuk Seri Samy's name is brought up, we know what to do,” said another unidentified MIC supporter. As tensions increased, and with the GAS crowd shouting for the police to throw out or arrest the MIC supporters, the police escorted several MIC supporters and their leaders out of the hall. Some, however, stayed behind to observe the proceedings.Amidst the uneasy compromise, former Petaling Jaya MIC leader V Subaramaniam - more popularly known as Bharat Maniam - in his speech thanked the police for protecting the participants of the peaceful gathering.The police in return advised the leaders to limit their speeches and end early to avoid any incidents, timely advice as MIC Youth secretary C Sivarrajh tweeted that a group of MIC Youth members were heading for the rally from the party AGM. Others who spoke included GAS leaders such as KP Samy (above, with arms crossed) and V Mugilan (far right) - who led the crowd to chant 'Samy out!' - former Hindraf leader-turned PKR member V Ganabatirau and businessman OMS Thiagarajan (above, with arms raised). Hired thugs Earlier during a lull in the confrontation at the rally, Mugilan and KP Samy had held a snap press conference and accused Samy Vellu of being a gangster who disrupts peaceful rallies using hired thugs.As today's GAS rally concluded, participants and organisers were observed looking nervously out the hall, where a large crowd of angry-looking MIC supporters had gathered and were milling around. Some of the MIC supporters, which by 3pm had increased to about 100, even tried to start a second shouting match with those inside the hall.Fortunately no incident precipitated and the event concluded peacefully at 3pm as all dispersed under the watchful eyes of the police, who had cordoned off the groups to prevent contact. Initially scheduled to have been held on June 13, the rally was postponed once due to 'security factors'.'MIC may protest'

Selangor MIC Youth chief M Shanker Raj Ayenger lodged a report at the Klang police headquarters yesterday to protest the GAS gathering. He had also said the wing may hold a protest against the GAS gathering, but in the end never showed up.This followed another police report by Selangor MIC information chief L Siva Subramaniam against today's rally and the GAS leaders' plans to distribute anti-Samy VCDs and posters.

In his report, Siva said the distribution of VCDs and the gathering could be detrimental to the Indian community.The first gathering, held on May 30 in Serdang, saw a lower-than-expected turnout but was still hailed as a success.




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