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PPP: PPP court battle looms

Contributed by Anonymous on Monday, May 25 @ 21:54:51 CDT

National: Politics
The Star, May 26 2009, Baradan Kuppusamy
The troubles in the party bear some semblance to the leadership crisis in Perak as the two leaders look set to let judicial process determine the legitimate chief.

By crowning himself the “new” president of the People’s Progressive Party, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk T. Murugiah has burnt his bridges and plunged the party into a leadership crisis. Supporters literally “crowned” Murugiah, who was sacked from the party on May 9 with six others for allegedly tarnishing the party’s image, and treated him like a king by garlanding and hoisting him on their shoulders. About 1,000 supporters also “passed” a vote of no confidence against PPP president Datuk S. Kayveas at a meeting on Sunday that was described as an emergency general meeting. It also sacked 43 Supreme Council members allied with the in*****bent president, reinstated Murugiah and six others, and “annulled” the nominations filed for party elections on May 30. In addition they also “postponed” the PPP general assembly scheduled for June 7. Murugiah described the meeting as valid and added he would submit a report to the Registrar of Societies detailing the decisions made at the EGM. In addition, he said he would inform Prime Minister and Barisan Nasional chairman Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak about the “leadership changes” that had taken place in the PPP. But Kayveas, who has been president since 1993 and is seeking re-election, dismissed the meeting as a farce and a “circus”. “They did not follow any of the rules or laws of the party. They are jokers and their EGM is a joke,” Kayveas said. “He (Murugiah) can call himself the Prime Minister for all we care.” This turn of events simply means that neither Murugiah nor the six would appeal against their sacking by May 30 and accept the olive branch offered by Kayveas in return to submitting to his leadership. With Sunday’s meeting Murugiah’s faction has decided to go for broke, setting the stage for a dramatic battle with Kayveas for the helm of the party. The Murugiah-led EGM is reminiscent of the Pakatan Rakyat’s “under the tree” assembly that sparked the bitter, ongoing tussle for Perak state between Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat. The public has been presented with two sets of Mentris Besar, exco members and state governments, each claiming to be the legitimate government. The PPP, like Umno previously, now has a Team A and Team B. It was founded by lawyer brothers D.R. and S.P. Seenivasagam in 1953. The PPP made a name for itself with its efficient and people-friendly management of the Ipoh Municipal Council but it suffered from massive infighting after the brothers died. PPP was also eclipsed by the rise of other political parties like the DAP but it was still taken seriously because of its membership in the Barisan. Kayveas first entered the scene as a lawyer for one of the feuding factions and with the help of then Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, he ended the feuds, re-organised the party and became president in 1993. By most counts, he had done well in reviving the PPP but the success was overshadowed by flaws that had come home to roost. A key complaint for Murugiah is that while Kayveas had restored unity and stability to the PPP, he has also run the party with an iron fist, often taking stern action against voices of dissent and competition. “He dominated decision-making and eliminated any dissent and soon became a dictator,” said K. Tanggaraju, one of the six sacked leaders, adding that Kayveas had also ruthlessly eliminated any potential challenger. Murugiah, in the short one year that he has been deputy minister, has impressed the PPP rank-and-file to become a dynamic alternative leader to Kayveas, Tanggaraju said. “Kayveas was jealous and he humiliated Murugiah in party meetings so much so that Murugiah stopped attending party functions,” he said, adding that “jealousy and fear” were fuelling this feud. But Kayveas denies the charges, saying the rebel group had inflicted irreparable damage by urging the Registrar of Societies to de-register the party. “They are traitors ready to destroy their own party,” Kayveas said. “They no longer have a place in the PPP.” Now that the bridges have been burnt and reconciliation with Kayveas is all but over, Murugiah and his faction are facing a uphill task to take control of the PPP. If the PPP’s past is any indication, rival factions would hold different meetings, issue separate statements and eventually go to court as before, giving the Barisan leadership a massive headache.*********Tuesday May 26, 2009 Murugiah evasive over ROS meeting
PUTRAJAYA: The “new president” of the People’s Progressive Party Datuk T. Murugiah turned up at the Registrar of Societies (ROS) headquarters here yesterday, but what transpired at the meeting is not known. The Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department was evasive about his meeting with registrar Datuk Alias Kalil at 11.30am. Reporters, who had been waiting at the ROS office since about 9am, contacted Murugiah’s personal assistant M. Jeyaratnam and were told the PPP group was not sure if they would be going to the ROS. Jeyaratnam, who was expelled from the party together with five others and Murugiah, promised that he would get back to the press and inform them about their next move. However, after more than an hour and a half, there was still no news from Jeyaratnam and several calls by journalists to Jeyaratnam and his boss went unanswered. Jeyaratnam, who finally picked up a call from a reporter, asked all newsmen waiting at the ROS to leave as Murugiah had yet to make an appointment with the Registrar. At about 12.45pm, reporters received a tip-off that Murugiah and several “elected leaders” were meeting Alias. When journalists returned to the ROS at 1pm, they were told by the security guards that the group had left. Murugiah informed the press that he would send a statement on what transpired at the ROS yesterday but till press time, nothing was sent.*******Tuesday May 26, 2009 Form own party, PPP boss tells ‘new president’
KUANTAN: Form your own party - that is the challenge thrown at self-proclaimed People’s Progressive Party (PPP) president Datuk T. Murugiah by the party’s real president Datuk M. Kayveas. Kayveas said nobody in the party would support Murugiah as he been sacked from the party. “As far as we are concerned, if he does not submit an appeal by May 30, his sacking from PPP is permanent.
Venting their anger: D’Cruz (fourth from right) and other PPP members showing copies of police reports lodged against Murugiah in Shah Alam Monday.
“If Murugiah wants to show how popular he is, then he should start his own party and see if he can unite the Indians,” he said after attending the Pahang PPP convention at the MS Garden Hotel yesterday. On Sunday, some 1,760 people held what they say was an extraordinary general meeting and appointed Muru­giah as the new PPP “president.” The meeting also passed resolutions to reinstate six other members sacked along with Murugiah and adopted a no-confidence vote against Kayveas. Kayveas said fewer than 10 who attended the meeting were genuine PPP members. In Ipoh, the party’s deputy president and Perak chairman Datuk Lee Heng said Murugiah had made a mockery of himself and the PPP by organising an illegal extraordinary general meeting. “You have to give notice and there has to be a nomination. You cannot decide the party leadership by turning to this EGM and making yourself the so-called president,” he told a press conference at the state PPP headquarters yesterday. Lee also called on Murugiah to resign his positions as Senator and a deputy minister since both were on the PPP ticket. In Shah Alam, a group of disgruntled PPP members led by party vice-president Datuk Maglin D’Cruz lodged three reports against Murugiah at the district police headquarters yesterday. According to D’Cruz, Murugiah was no longer legally a member of the PPP as he had been expelled by the party. He also said that Murugiah’s conduct gave the Barisan Nasional ruling coalition a bad name.*******Tuesday May 26, 2009 DPM: PPP crisis affecting Barisan’s image
GEORGE TOWN: Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin will meet Senator Datuk T. Murugiah and Datuk M. Kayveas today to seek clarification on the internal crisis currently faced by the People’s Progressive Party. He said he wanted to know the real story on the problems faced by the party and the real status of the PPP so that immediate action could be taken to prevent the problem from becoming more serious and affecting the image of Barisan Nasional. “I am disappointed with what had transpired because we are facing a bigger problem than the one faced by the BN component party. We have other issues to tackle but sadly, our component party has its own problems.
Traditional start: Muhyiddin striking the gong to launch the conference in George Town last night. With him are (from left) Malaysian National Congress of School Principals president Azam Md Atan and Education Ministry deputy director-general (General Education Operations) Datuk Noor Rezan Bapoo Hashim.
“Usually, we don’t interfere but if it affects the credibility and image of Barisan, we cannot neglect or leave it alone,” he told Bernama after meeting Penang Umno liaison committee heads yesterday. At another function later, Muhyiddin said that a decision on the teaching of Mathematics and Science in English would be made soon. Muhyiddin, who is also Education Minister, said many people had given their views on the matter to him. He said the ministry was open to the different views and would come up with a conclusion on the best mechanism soon. “When the time is right, an announcement will be made,” he told reporters after launching the 48th Malaysian Secondary School Principals Education Management annual conference and the Second Conference of South-East Asian School Principals Forum in Batu Ferringhi last night. On his meeting in Kuala Lumpur today with Chinese groups on the matter, Muhyiddin said he would be seeing representatives from seven Chinese associations. Asked about complaints from certain parties that funds for the development of Tamil schools had to go through the Works Ministry unlike Chinese schools where the funds were channelled directly to the school board of directors, Muhyiddin said: “It is not important what sort of approach is used. What is important is that development could take place. “There is no need to debate on such trivial matters. It is not like money is going into anybody’s pocket,” he added.********2009/05/26
Kayveas goes after those at EGM By : M. Hamzah Jamaludin

PPP president Datuk M. Kayveas says the EGM was monitored
KUANTAN: The People's Progressive Party (PPP) will issue a show-cause letter to members who attended the "extraordinary general meeting" in Putrajaya on Sunday. Its president, Datuk M. Kayveas, said the party had recorded proceedings at the EGM and knew who had attended the meeting, which he termed "illegal".

"I had around 100 agents who monitored the EGM and reported to me like James Bond," he said after attending the opening of the Pahang PPP annual general meeting by state information committee chairman Datuk Mohd Sharkar Shamsudin. Also present was Pahang PPP chairman Datuk M. Elayppen.

Kayveas claimed that more than 90 per cent of those who attended the Putrajaya EGM were not PPP members.

At the EGM, sacked PPP supreme council member Senator Datuk T. Murugiah was "elected" party president while delegates also adopted a resolution of no-confidence against Kayveas.
The EGM also reinstated six supreme council members who had been sacked by Kayveas but dismissed 43 others allied with Kayveas.

Kayveas accused Murugiah of being a "publicity-crazy maniac" who had used a lawless platform to gain power.

"He should check in at Tanjung Rambutan (mental hospital). You cannot simply hold a meeting and elect a new president.

"This is not a Miss World pageant where the winner wears a sash and a crown."

Kayveas said Murugiah had set a bad example to the younger generation by organising a programme that was not in accordance with the country's laws and party constitution, adding the party was still united.

"I've gone through more difficult times before and this will not hamper my efforts to strengthen the party."

He also explained that the PPP had no problems with the Registrar of Societies as all its do*****ents and reports were in order.

"There are some technical problems but they can be rectified."




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