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Sujatha Suicide: Police Asked For Post-mortem, Inquest Told

Contributed by Anonymous on Thursday, May 07 @ 09:36:41 CDT

KUALA LUMPUR, May 7 (Bernama) -- The forensics counsultant of the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital (HTAR) in Klang today told the inquest into actress K. Sujatha's death that police had made a request for a post-mortem to be done in her case.

Dr Khairul Azman Ibrahim told the Coroner's Court that it was compulsory for a post-mortem to be done when police made an official request for it.

makkal osai 07052009
Sujatha's brother Yugindran received Aus $28,000 for his studies in Australia

"In Sujatha's case, police issued the necessary do*****ents and the medical officer on duty at the hospital's mortuary on the day in question (June 25 2007), Dr K. Saravanan, should have made sure it was done," Dr Khairul explained.

Asked by Deputy Public Prosecutor Geethan Ram Vincent if the procedure should be followed even if the family of the deceased did not wish for it (post-mortem), he replied in the affirmative.

Dr Khairul, 51, said that as the head of department (HOD), he had asked Dr Saravanan why the post-mortem was not carried out and was told by the doctor that it was unnecessary because the cause of death was stated in the burial permit.

To another question, Dr Khairul agreed to a suggestion by Geethan that if the post-mortem had been carried out, the hospital would have been able to arrive at conclusive findings as to the cause of death.

Dr Khairul was testifying in the inquest into the death of Sujatha, 28, on June 25 2007, four days after being admitted to HTAR as a result of accidental ingestion of paraquat.

Questioned by counsel Datuk K. Kumaraendran, who is holding a watching brief for Maika Holdings Berhad chief executive officer S. Vell Paari, whether under Section 330 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC) if an investigating officer (IO) was satisfied with the cause of death, he or she could could instruct for a post-mortem not to be done, Dr Khairul agreed that the IO could do this.

Dr Khairul also agreed that in criminal cases, the final decision as to whether a post-mortem should be conducted lay with the police.

To another question from Coroner Mohd Faizi Che Abu, whether he knew if the police had retracted the post-mortem request, Dr Khairul said he did not know anything about this.

Meanwhile, another witness, Mahaletchumy Kaveri, 42, a medical assistant at HTAR's emergency ward, said Dr S. P. Sakthiveloo (the first doctor to treat Sujata when she was admitted to HTAR emergency ward) had asked her assistance to change Sujatha's clothes when the actress was being administered emergency treatment on June 19 2007.

She said she did not see any signs of injuries or bruises on Sujatha's body when she was changing Sujatha's clothes.

To another question from Geethan, Mahaletchumy said she had also helped to bathe Sujatha's body and also did not notice any injuries then.

The inquest continues tomorrow.


'Specialist told doctor' what to state By : Sushma Veera
NST, May 07 2009

KUALA LUMPUR: A specialist at Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital in Klang instructed a doctor in attendance to list K. Sujatha's cause of death as paraquat ingestion. Dr Choor Chee Ken, a medical officer at Ward 8C, where Sujatha was admitted, told the inquest yesterday that he had asked Dr S.P. Sakthiveloo what should be listed as the cause of Sujatha's death.

"I asked him because he was the specialist in charge of Sujatha" said Dr Choor, in reply to deputy public prosecutor Geethan Ram Vincent.

Geethan: Why was it necessary to ask Dr Sakthiveloo on the cause of death when you could have made your own conclusion?

Dr Choor: He was my superior and he was there with me. So I asked him.
Geethan: Why didn't Dr Sakthiveloo pronounce Sujatha dead?

Dr Choor: Because I did the resuscitation.

He also agreed with Gee-than that it was Dr Sakthi-veloo's diagnosis and not his.

Dr Choor was the 13th witness in the inquest into the death of actress Sujatha, 28, who died at the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital in Klang on June 25, 2007, several days after she was admitted for allegedly consuming weedkiller.

Earlier, Dr Choor told the court that about 10am on June 25, 2007, he was informed by nurses that Sujatha had collapsed.

"I performed CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) for about 30 minutes but she could not be revived. I pronounced her dead at 10.40am."

He added that he had contacted Dr Sakthiveloo on his mobile phone while performing the CPR.

Geethan: Why did you call Dr Sakthiveloo when he was not the ward specialist?

Dr Choor: He was the specialist who saw the patient and it was only fair to call him as he would be able to understand the patient's condition better.

Dr Choor, however, added that at no time did he doubt the cause of death, adding he would have made the same conclusion even if Dr Sakthiveloo was not present.

He said based on the clinical notes and the progression of Sujatha's condition, it was conclusive she had died of paraquat poisoning.

Sujatha's brother, K. Ugenthiran, who also took the stand yesterday surprised many when his statements contradicted that of his brother, Surenthiran, who testified on Tuesday.

Surenthiran, 26, had on Tuesday told the inquest that S. Vell Paari (the chief executive officer of Maika Holdings Bhd) had financed his education.

During his testimony last month, Vell Paari had said that he financed both Surenthiran and Ugenthiran.

Ugenthiran, 28, denied this, saying as far as he was concerned, it was Sujatha who financed him while he was studying in Perth, Australia.

Ugenthiran, who was unable to control his tears while testifying, agreed that his sister had committed suicide but he did not know the reason. Surenthiran, however, disagreed.

The inquest before coroner Mohd Faizi Che Abu continues today with hospital attendant, K. Mahaletchumy, and forensic pathologist, Dr Khairul Azman Ibrahim, expected to testify.


makkal osai

The Star
Sujatha inquest: She killed herself, says brother

KUALA LUMPUR: Actress K. Sujatha had killed herself -- that’s the testimony of her brother at an inquest held to determine the cause of her death.
“Yes, my sister committed suicide,” said K. Yugenthiran, 28, to a question on whether he agreed that 29-year-old Sujatha, who allegedly died of paraquat poisoning, had taken her own life.
However, asked if he knew why she had done so, Yugenthiran said he did not know what drove his sister to commit the act.
He was responding to questions by Deputy Public Prosecutor Geethan Ram Vincent who was assisting coroner Mohd Faizi Che Abu in the inquest, held to determine the cause of Sujatha’s death.
To another question, Yugenthiran admitted to cleaning up Sujatha’s house with detergent and throwing away the bottle, believed to contain the paraquat.
“I went to her house and saw the mess. The smell of vomit and chemical was strong, so I cleaned up the place,” he said.
Yugenthiran said it did not occur to him to keep the bottle that still had some greenish liquid left in it, adding that he did not read the label on the bottle.
DPP Geethan proceeded to show Yugenthiran a bottle containing some greenish liquid and asked if it was the same bottle.
“The bottle at the house was bigger although it appears to be the same,” he said.
DPP Geethan asked Yugenthiran whether Sujatha had personal problems, to which he answered, “No.”
Geethan: “Any family or work problems?”
Yugenthiran: “Family problems... yes, we have.”
Geethan: “I assume it is about your parents?”
Yugenthiran: “Yes.”
Geethan: “Any work-related problems?”
Yugenthiran: “No.”
To another question, Yugenthiran said he was not aware that his sister was pregnant.
Wearing a dark blue shirt and black slacks, Yugenthiran was seen wiping tears from his eyes while recalling the frantic moment after she downed the poison.
He told the court Wednesday that he asked Sujatha a few times as to why she drank the poison while she was still warded in the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital but she became irritated with the questions.
Another witness, ASP Azizan Hashim said that he went to the house 39 days after Sujatha was found at her house and found the house clean.
The inquest before coroner Mohd Faizi Che Abu continues Thursday.
Sujatha, who had acted in several Tamil dramas, movies and commercials, died at the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital in Klang three days after she was admitted on June 25, 2007.






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