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Chitrakala: Desperate MIC youth chief

Contributed by Anonymous on Monday, April 13 @ 11:15:56 CDT

MICThe Traveler, Monday, April 13, 2009
Intimidation and disruption of opposition candidate’s rallies at Bukit Selambau by MIC youths headed by Mohan Thangarasu failed to help MIC to win back the seat. Infect the Justice party (PKR)  Manimaran won handsomely with an increased majority.
When the Tamil daily Makkal Osai highlighted the squabbles initiated by MIC youths and published pictures of the confrontation, an upset Mohan Thangarasu attacked the daily of being the voice of opposition.  

Anyhow, full credit must be given to Mohan Thangarasu for giving Bukit Selambau residents an opportunity to see live, the actions of Malaysian Federal Reserve (FRU) unit firing tear gas and shooting water cannon for the first time in their life.
A victory for MIC would have given a boost for Mohan Thangarasu to retain the MIC youth chief position in the coming party election in September when the post is likely to be contested.
However, there is more bad news for Mohan Thangarasu.
At Selangor MIC Youth council meeting, yesterday, some of the council members erupted like volcanoes criticizing the ineffective leadership of Mohan Thangarasu, according to Makkal Osai report today.
Apparently, Selangor MIC youth chief Yogeswaren was having fun listening to the criticism but that invoked the ire of G Kumar, a supporter of Mohan Thangarasu, who was asked to leave the meeting for his impolite behavior.
So, its crystal clear now that Selangor MIC Youth will not support Mohan Thangarasu in his bid to be elected for MIC national youth chief in September, a big blow to him considering the large number delegates from this state.
Compounding to these, the council has invited Edmund Santhara, Masterskill College of Nursing and Health CEO and ex-youth chief P Subramaniam.
Sometime ago Mohan Thangarasu lamented, “a businessman who has a political ambition has been undertaking a campaign to tarnish my name”.  Now, our source confirmed that Mohan Thangarasu was referring to Santhara.
Santhara has exceeded the age limit to contest the national youth chief and as such he is strongly believed to put a proxy candidate against Mohan Thangarasu. Santhara is financially strong. UMNO members sold their votes for RM 200 dumping Mahathir. What can we say about MIC members?
By-election loss, negative press coverage, Selangor MIC youths abandoning and Masterskill Santhara are all driving Mohan Thangarasu nuts.
Desperate times require desperate measures and Traveler has a brilliant idea to turn the table.
Statistics say 100,000 to 200,000 Indians are involved in gangsterism.
“It is saddening to see reports of Indians being involved in gangsterism and violent crimes in the newspapers of late. We believe these youths had not been given any religious education,” said Mohan Thangarasu (thestar,24/03/09).
Why not you Mohan Thangarasu take up the challenge to provide the right education to the misguided youths?
Merely saying, “We are undertaking some research and will submit a memorandum to the ministry within four months,” is not going to bring any votes. People are tired hearing of this for 52 years.
People want to see action. For that, you have an ideal place, the Sungkai National Service Camp you Mohan Thangarasu and your business partner Chitrakala together started is operational now.
You have utilized well the RM 3.2 million hijacked from MIED fund. The camp is really awesome. Why not optimize the place by having special programs for the Indian youths.
In addition to providing religious education, Mohan Thangarasu can enlighten the youths on how to hijack government licenses, how to secure millions of bank loans like how he obtained 9.2 million from CIMB bank. Many youths are ignorant of the procedures.
Former CEO Chitrakala Vasu could be a guest speaker for the youth program who could share her experience in 13 companies, from auto industry to National Service camp, while being a supermom for four kids.  
If desperate man Mohan Thangarasu could take up this challenge, his image will sky rocket.  








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