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Chitrakala: MIED: No Monkey Business

Contributed by Anonymous on Friday, March 13 @ 12:47:18 CDT

MICThe Traveler, Friday, March 13, 2009
The Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer affairs have rejected the appointment of Sothinathan and Veerasingam to the MIED board of directors, according to Makkal Osai Tamil daily.
Their appointment by Samy Vellu on January 2nd. 2009 without the consent of MIED members is deemed to be illegal. This may be a temporary setback for Samy Vellu. But, no big deal, he can appoint anytime any monkey to the board with the consent of members.
Take a look at the list below.
All of them are Samy’s long time cronies who will dance to his tune except Chitrakala and Vikneswaran. The two have fallen out of favor for now. Otherwise Samy Vellu is in full control of MIED from the inception.  

MIED CEO Chitrakala

In recent weeks, Samy Vellu and MIED CEO Chitrakala who is under suspension for hijacking RM 5.26 million were having a spat in the media accusing each other of misusing public funds.
Sothinathan made polices reports over the missing funds and the missing files against Chitrakala and she in turn countered by exposing Samy Vellu’s misdeeds, courting opposition MP’s and wanted to meet Najib as well.

T Mohan, MIC youth leader
If a monkey like saiful, Anwar sodomy accuser, could meet Najib in his house why not Chitrakala, a Chartered Accountant and director of 13 companies?
Yes, 13 companies. Interestingly, she accused Samy Vellu of trying to bring his son Vellpaari to head MIED.
And that very person Vellpari and Indrani Samy Vellu are her business partners in a company, Indrani Holdings.
Great!  Chitrakala is like a daughter to Samy Vellu, all are in a family. May be, it’s family business.
3.5 million out of 5.26 million money Chitrakala hijacked is said to have been transferred to T Mohan, MIC national youth leader. 
Actually, Chitrakala, T Mohan and Vasu (Chitrakala’s husband) are partners in Surya Setia Capital Berhad. The company has recently acquired 50 acres of land in Sunkai, Perak for 3.5 million.
Another Chitrakala’s company, Sillverline Sdn. Bhd has secured 9. 3 million loan from Affin Bank. Now you know where the money has gone.
It seems, MIED statement of accounts for 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 were NOT submitted to the registrar of companies.
Chartered Accountant Chitrakala is doing no monkey business. She must have valid reasons for non compliance of the companies act.  
MIED Chairman
Samy Vellu
Board Members:
G Palanivel, M Mahalingam, K S Nijar, K Kumaran, T Marimuthu and K Ambikaipagan.
S Veerasingam, S Sothinathan,  S A Vikneswaran , S Subramaniam, S. Ganesan, Komala Krishnamoorthi, Kamala Ganapathi, K S Balakrishnan, V Saravanan, L Krishnan, G Raju, M Ratnam, K R A Naidu, M Saravanan, N S Krishnan, M Ramachandran, Chitrakala Vasu, R Ragavan, M Devendran, T Rajagopalu.
Two dead members:
 K Sivalingam, S Krishnamoorthy



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