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Kugan: Kugan's Family File Complaint Against Serdang Hospital

Contributed by Anonymous on Friday, March 06 @ 09:24:29 CST

PETALING JAYA, March 6 (Bernama) -- The family of A. Kugan, a suspected car thief who died while in police custody, lodged a police report against the Serdang Hospital today.

Accompanied by lawyer N. Surendran, several members of his family lodged the report at the Petaling Jaya police station here at 11.30am to ask the police to launch an investigation against the hospital's director and pathologist.

According to Surendran, the report was lodged because the findings of the first autopsy done on Kugan's body at the Serdang Hospital allegedy differed from the second performed at the Univeristi Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC).

The first report allegedly stated Kugan died because of ac*****ulation of fluids in his lungs while according to Surendran, the UMMC report showed his death was due to multi organ failure as a result of severe beating.

Kugan, 22, was detained on suspicion of car theft in Sungai Chua, Kajang on Jan 15. He died on Jan 20 while in the custody of the Taipan police station in Subang Jaya.



'No cover-up in Kugan case' By : Lee Shi-Ian


Federal CID director Datuk Seri Mohd Bakri Zinin says police will complete their investigation into the case as fast as possible.
KUALA LUMPUR: Police yesterday appealed to the public to give them time and space to investigate the cir*****stances surrounding the death of A. Kugan, a detainee who died in police custody. Federal CID director Datuk Seri Mohd Bakri Zinin said the public need not fear that police would cover-up or attempt to sweep the issue under the carpet.

"A number of policemen have been charged in the past for similar offences. Last month, seven policemen were charged in court for causing hurt to a suspect at the Brickfields police station," he said.

"Allegations of covering up the criminal culpability of certain officers and men who were allegedly involved in Kugan's death is without foundation."

Bakri said police investigations were always guided by the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC) and the law of evidence. He added that the time frame for investigations to be completed is three months.
"However, in the interest of justice to the victims and also in fairness to the suspects, police will try to conclude investigations as fast as possible, subject to the timely delivery of relevant do*****ents, such as the post- mortem report," he said.

"In Kugan's case, we just received the second post-mortem report yesterday and police took prompt action by consulting the Attorney-General's Chambers," Bakri said.

He added that instructions had been issued for his officers to clarify certain matters.

Bakri appealed to the public to give police time and promised that justice would be done.

Kugan, a suspected car thief, died at the Subang Taipan police station in January during interrogation.

His body was sent to the Serdang Hospital where a post-mortem revealed he died of fluid in the lungs.

Prior to the post-mortem, his family, relatives and friends barged into the mortuary and too
k pictures of the body, which were then posted on the Internet.

The family alleged foul play in his death and sought a second post- mortem which was conducted at the University Malaya Medical Centre.

The results of the second post- mortem, stated that Kugan died of kidney failure caused by muscle injury brought about by physical, chemical or biological factors.

His family and various other quarters are now accusing the police of trying to cover-up for their men.

Police have identified 11 policemen who were at the station when Kugan was interogated.

They have since been transferred to the Selangor police headquarters pending investigations.

No one has been charged yet in connection with Kugan's death.
Murugiah refutes claim body was tampered NST

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Senator T. Murugiah says a doctor was with him at the hospital mortuary
PUTRAJAYA: Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Senator T. Murugiah rubbished claims that A. Kugan's body was tampered with by his family members before the post-mortem. "The family members were distraught, yes, but I did not see anyone mishandling the body when I was there," he told reporters after meeting residents from Kota Damansara who were unhappy over the construction of a hypermarket in their neighbourhood.

Murugiah said he did not see any pool of blood on the floor as claimed by the Serdang Hospital medical officers.

He also said that he was not aware that the medical officers had been hiding in an adjoining room of the mortuary from the mob of about 50 people as he had been speaking to a doctor whom he declined to name.

Murugiah went on to say that the entire incident had been recorded on video and that the evidence had already been sent for investigation.
"Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail has assured me that he would be looking into the case. We will just leave it to him to reach a decision," he said.

"The truth will eventually prevail," he added.

Murugiah was commenting on the statement by Serdang Hospital director Dr Mohd Norzi Ghazali who alleged that Kugan's body was tampered with by a mob of about 50 relatives and friends at the mortuary before pathologists had conducted the post-mortem. Dr Norzi also alleged that Kugan's fully-clothed body was in a body bag, which had been torn open by the mob.

In their police report later, the medical officers, who said they were hiding in an adjoining room, said they were shocked to see a pool of Kugan's blood on the mortuary floor.

This, the report said, indicated that wounds on Kugan's body could have been inflicted after his death.

The New Straits Times learnt that police had completed their investigation into the incident at the Serdang Hospital mortuary which they had classified as fabricating false evidence with intent to procure conviction of a capital offence.

The charge carries a jail term of up to 20 years and fine.

Press statement by DAP National Publicity Bureau on 6 March 2009 in Petaling Jaya:
  The second post-mortem report on A. Kugan and the inquiry conducted by Suhakam Commissioners on the Bandar Mahkota Cheras issue both reveal the deep-rooted and serious problems of  abuse of power as well as ‘cover-up’ attempts by the police force.   Kugan’s second post-mortem report clearly shows that he was brutally beaten up, resulting in the breakdown of muscle cells which then entered his blood stream causing kidney failure and consequently his death.
DAP’s National Publicity Bureau harshly condemns the Selangor Police Chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar who did not ferret out the black sheep from the police force, on the contrary, he tried repeatedly to stop Kugan’s family from carrying out the second post-mortem. Initially, he even insisted that Kugan’s family get a court order before carrying out the second post-mortem, and later indicated that the police will not investigate the case based on the second post-mortem report.  This demonstrates that the Police Chief is unwilling and incapable of being in a position to help reform the Malaysian police force.   To date, more than 80 detainees have died in police custody. In the majority of those cases, there was no second post-mortem conducted (for whatever reason) which might have indicated foul play by the police. If Kugan’s family had not insisted on doing the second post-mortem, they would never have known what caused his death.   In any case, there is a huge discrepancy between the first and the second post-mortem report. The first report had stated that Kugan had died of fluid in his lungs. The second report detailed over 43 burn marks, bruises and contusions all over his body.
The reliability and accuracy of the first post-mortem report must be challenged. The unhealthy and detrimental trend of ‘protecting’ and ‘covering up’ for one’s colleague must be wiped out.
DAP’s National Publicity Bureau demands that Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar take immediate and proactive action in order to stop the physical abuse being perpetrated by the police and the habit of covering up for one’s peers.   We propose the following:
  1. Take immediate disciplinary action against the police officers responsible for Kugan’s death as well as the officers involved in the Bandar Mahkota Cheras fracas, so that the punishment will serve as a severe warning to others;
  2. Apologize and compensate Kugan’s family, Chang Jiun Haur and Chan Siew Meng (the two victims in the Bandar Mahkota Cheras incident);
  3. Adopt the proposals and recommendations outlined in the Suhakam reports on “Bloody Sunday” (which took place at KLCC on 28 May 2006) and the Bandar Mahkota Cheras incident (which occurred on 27 May 2007);
  4. Adopt and comply with accepted international standards and guidelines in the use of force by the police;
  5. Establish the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) to prevent abuse of power and stem corruption in the police force, and to turn it into a world-class, efficient and incorruptible police force that all Malaysians can trust and be proud of.
    Teo Nie Ching   Assisting Secretary of National Publicity Bureau -*****- MP for Serdang Tel: 6012 7022203 Email:



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