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Indians' Future With BN, Says Najib

Contributed by Anonymous on Saturday, February 02 @ 23:44:55 CST

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 3 (Bernama) -- The future of Malaysian Indians is with the Barisan Nasional (BN) and they must work within the system and not against it, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said today.

He reminded the Indian community that only the BN government could guarantee their future by continuing to improve their social-economic well-being.

"Continue to place your trust with the Barisan. The Barisan is the future of Malaysian Indians and all Malaysians. The future will be better if you work within the system and not against it," he said when opening a one-day MIC special convention for branch chairmen at the Putra World Trade Centre.

The convention, attended by about 3,700 branch chairmen and MIC elected representatives, is to prepare the party's grassroots machinery for the upcoming general election.

Najib said Malaysia cannot emerge as a developed nation by 2020 if any of the races, including Indians, were marginalised.

"Do you think your future can be guaranteed by those staging street demonstrations? It is important to send signals to the Indian community that their future lies with the BN," he said.

He said the MIC and the Indian community had proven their loyalty to the Barisan and the government since independence.

As such, he said, the MIC leaders and members must work hard to deliver a high percentage of Indian votes to the Barisan in the coming general election.

He said the Barisan government would do more for the Indian community.

The Deputy Prime Minister said the Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan had been asked to increase the intake of Indians and non-Bumiputeras in the civil service.

"(He has been asked) Make sure when they (Indians) apply (for jobs), don't just reject. Make sure the good ones are taken in. By doing that, it will increase employment opportunities for the Indians," he said.

Najib said more scholarships would also be given to Indians entering public universities and the bright ones would be sent to foreign universities.

When they returned after completing their studies, they can join the civil service, he said.

He said the micro-credit loans for Indian businessmen should also be increased.

Najib said Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo had been asked to ensure Indians engaged in the scrap metal trade in the state be allowed to continue with their business.

Najib said the Indian community had progressed in many fields since Independence, adding that although they constituted only eight per cent of the country's total population, 26.6 per cent of the medical doctors are Indians, dentists (18.4 per cent), veterinarians (24.8 per cent) and lawyers (24.1 percent).

Statistics showed the household income of Indians was RM3,215, higher than the national average of RM3,022 and RM2,522 of the Bumiputeras.

"Hence, it's illogical to say we are carrying out ethnic cleansing on the Indians in this country, it defies logic totally.

"It's also not true to say Indians did not benefit from the nation's mainstream development," he said.

Najib, however, said there were legitimate aspirations and grievances among the Indian community which needed to be addressed.

On the general election, the Deputy Prime Minister said: "Everyone must work hard to ensure Barisan's victory because people are educated and their expectations are very high.

"In fact, even in Umno, there was a time when we used to say you put a songkok also you can win, but now we are telling Umno members don't expect that to happen today," he added.


MIC Confident Of Winning All Seats In Polls, Says Samy Vellu KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 3 (Bernama) -- The MIC is confident of repeating its 100 per cent victory in the last general election when the party made a clean sweep of all the nine parliamentary and 19 state seats.

Its president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said though there were unhappiness among the Indian community, it would not dampen the party's resolve to retain all the seats.

"With the people's loyalty and support to the Barisan Nasional (BN), the MIC scored 100 per cent success in the 2004 general election. The Indians realise the Barisan government had always served the people's interests and had brought socio-economic progress to all races," he said at the MIC special convention for branch chairmen.

The one-day convention, attended by about 3,700 branch chairmen and MIC elected representatives, was opened by Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

The Works Minister said the party's election machinery, with help from the BN machinery, would work hard to retain all the seats.

He said MIC would also help campaign for candidates from other BN component parties to ensure a thumping victory for the 14-party ruling coalition.

Samy Vellu said Indians formed 10 per cent of the voters in 62 parliamentary and 130 state seats.

He said MIC's election machinery had been well-oiled and was in top gear to swing into action when parliament was dissolved to pave the way for the 12th general election.

On today's convention, Samy Vellu said it was to discuss ways for the party to serve the Indian community effectively.

As grassroots leaders, he said, MIC branch chairmen must maintain close ties with the people in their areas and to inform them the various opportunities extended by the government to improve their livelihood.

He said MIC had embarked on an action plan to create a dynamic, independent and progressive Indian community by 2020 and that efforts are being made to address the education, religious and social issues affecting Indians.

"The next 12 years will be a critical period. We want to make sure not a single Malaysian Indian is left out when the country attains developed nation status.

"As such, it's crucial for every MIC leader and members to unite and work hard by utilising all available resources to achieve the goal," he added.




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