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Former MIED CEO acquitted of RM4mil cheating charge

The Star, Tuesday September 13, 2011


KUALA LUMPUR: Former chief executive officer of Maju Institute for Education Development (MIED), P. Chithirakala, has been acquitted and discharged of three charges of cheating involving RM4mil.

Sessions Judge Che Mohamad Zulkifly Jusoh reached the decision after allowing DPP Kevin Morais' application to withdraw the case against Chithirakala, 40.

Morais said the accused had submitted three letters of representation to the Attorney-General stating several material facts.

"Among the facts was that the accused had returned the RM4mil, which formed the basis of the three charges against her, to MIED Capital Sdn Bhd.

"After considering the representation, the Attorney-General agreed to withdraw all charges against the accused," he added.

"In relation to this, the prosecution offers no evidence against the accused on the charges," he said.

On May 11 last year, Chithirakala pleaded not guilty to cheating former MIC secretary-general Tan Sri M.Mahalingam , who was a director and signatory of MIED Sdn Bhd (the educational arm of MIC), by deceiving him into signing two cheques worth RM4 million in total. BERNAMA.



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